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Here are twenty minutes of deleted scenes from Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master.” Some of it explains more about the characters. We even get to see a little more of Laura Dern. When you’re editing a film you never know if you’ve cut something important. But there will be a big argument that some of this would have helped explain this enigmatic, brilliant film. The last couple of minutes is an actual outtake, and very funny. But I should make it clear that this movie was under PTA’s control. He showed it to Scientology advocate Tom Cruise early on. Was this material that Cruise was uncomfortable with? Maybe.

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  1. Roger –

    I praise you for championing this great film.
    Though, I don’t think these 20 brilliant minutes is going to give a viewer who misunderstood the film anymore insight as to what the film is about.
    Either you get it, or you don’t. And whatever you get from it, it’s yours.

    I’m just glad we get 20 more minutes of these spellbinding characters, masterful performances and exquisite direction.

    As always, thank you for championing greatness and always calling out bullshit.

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