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Thursday night’s “American Idol”  ratings fell from 3.9 to 3.8 from last Thursday. It’s not a lot but it’s worth noting that on Wednesday, “AI” had 13.3 million viewers, and the next night they were down to 12.47 million. Why aren’t people coming back the second night? Do they need to tie Nicki Minaj to a treadmill heading toward a buzz saw? “AI” still takes the night by miles, but that doesn’t matter. They’re “Chasing Ice,” to borrow a phrase from the award winning documentary. Time lapse photography may reveal the erosion. “AI” actually benefited last night from “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” being reruns. Otherwise, the “AI” number would have been lower.

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  1. IMO… it all comes down to the singer/performers chosen, and this group wasn’t diverse enough to pick a couple of exciting rockers to balance the scales. The one guy I loved, was the big guy with all the hair, that BELTED out his powerful soul/rock. Remember, guys like Adam Lambert made people watch too because he as intriguingly different but talented… This group of judges chose too into the modern radio sounds and forgot about rock and heavy metal. It feels like a boring night out at a Vegas talent show when I watch this season… I’m NOT prejudice, but what is with all the black singers??? Yes they have voices, but they are NOT American “Idols”, they are American Singers. So it’s not the judges hurting the ratings, they are great, it’s their choices b4 America got involved….

  2. I have been watching american idol for 4 years now and this season’s show is NOT exciting to watch. The contestants show singing talent but I have not found a favorite to watch and I usually have 1 or 2 picked by now. There’s no entertainment except for Nicki and Randy. Why can’t they bring in some real icons to judge like David Bowie, Paul Mccartney, Mick Jagger?

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