Home Uncategorized “American Idol” Wednesday Woes: Down Again in Ratings Decline

“American Idol” is still a powerhouse, winning its timeslot on Wednesday with a 3.8 rating and 13.5 million viewers. But for the night it was beaten by “Modern Family.” And for some reason, “AI” continues a downward trend week-by-week. Last Wednesday, it had a 4.1 rating. Where did everyone go? As the show moves into real competitions, the rating should be going up, not down. If the trend continues, tonight’s “AI” could be around 3.5. Someone had better do something quickly!

But TV is suffering. No one in America really watched anything on the broadcast networks last night at 10pm. “CSI,” “Chicago Fire,” and “Nashville” all came in with 1.6 ratings respectively for CBS, NBC, and ABC. A test pattern or shopping show could have done better.

My money is still on Zoanette Johnson:


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