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“SealTeam Six” and “Zero Dark Thirty” each told different perspectives on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Now I am told by sources that there is a film deal moving forward for Phil Bronstein’s cover story in Esquire about the man directly responsible for ridding the world of Osama bin Laden. The saga of the unidentified shooter– the man who actually carried out the killing of bin Laden–has made headlines.

In Esquire, “The Shooter”– one of the famed Navy Seal Team Six– claims that he returned to the US to find he would have no insurance or other benefits. This was in part due to his own early retirement. His real name is not revealed.

But the story took off like wildfire. My sources say a production company called Zulu 7 have secured the rights to Bronstein’s work. They’ve also signed the rights to the life story of  The Shooter himself. The Shooter can’t be reached, and the Zulu 7 principals– Paul Bernard and “A.K. Waters”–declined comment. Interestingly, Waters may be a pseudonym for someone with deep background connections. “AK Waters” was the name of Bruce Willis’s Special Ops commander in the 2003 film “Tears of the Sun.”

If the saga of “The Shooter” goes into acceptable script form, you can only imagine the directors and actors fighting to make this movie. So stay tuned. “Zero Dark Thirty” has been a hit at the box office with a female protagonist. But “The Shooter” will be quite a different story– and more poignant as it will flesh out a backstory for this man and his family.

Who should play the Shooter? Willis himself maybe? Woody Harrelson? Jeremy Renner? Justin Bieber?

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  1. This is the same group attempting to do their own version of world war z. Check it out. A total joke. And this story they bought the rights has been proven a lie. Americans are sick and tired of the fake Osama story. Can we get creative please? This coming from a huge movie buff!

  2. >This was in part due to his own early retirement. <

    Umm, it was due entirely to his early retirement. He lost his insurance because he quit his job, which is what happens to everyone receiving employer provided health insurance.

  3. In advance… I will take a pass on the new movie. The killing of UBL took years and a very large team. To focus on the the “trigger man” cheapens the entire effort.

  4. “Who should play the Shooter? ”

    Well who do you think? No body else but O’bozo himself with his lustrious wife piloting the chopper. Think of movies “Team America: World Police” and “True Lies” (isn’t that ironic?). That’s what the media and history books will morph the event into. Phil Bronstein? Never heard of him!

    In my best Herman Munster laugh: Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa, haaaa, grandpa!

  5. I get so crazy every time I hear that a career 16 year vet doesn’t understand what his benefits are or are not if he leaves the service before his 20 year retirement date. That’s learned and drilled into every single person who serves in the armed forces…it’s not a secret. If he close to leave early…well his choice! I would also assume that a person who did what he did would be easy to gain VA benefits with PTSD or something else due to his job and what he went through but hey, his choice no one made him get out early

  6. This even never took place and is a psyops by the govermment to make you fearful. Do you actually even think Osama would live in a slum house like that? Also, where was the dyalysis equipment? It was not in sight anywhere because the man they killed was NOT OSAMA!! Even a local man says it wasn’t osama. Osama died in December of 2001 of kidney disease, and this was announced by President Bhuetto of Pakistan. Fox News even reported Osamas death in 2005. Osama has lots of brothers, nephews, grandchildren etc. The seals may have been TOLD they were going in to kill osama, and Im sure they all look similar over there. But this event did not TAKE PLACE, but obama is counting on the low information people to not question or look up anything,. The Seals did not kill Osama, but I imagine all of them will mysteriously die!!!

  7. The story about having no insurance is as false and Obama riding in on his high horse and single handily dispatching Ben Laden before the seal team ever arrived.

  8. Matt Damon should be high on the list of actors to play this role. SEAL team members are, physically, in top shape, are highly intelligent, and impressively trained. One would want an actor that could convincingly display these qualities in the film. Just as in the film “Zero Dark Thirty,” all of the actors who portray SEAL team members, in the film, should be able to convey these qualities.

    OR they could go the comedic route, and have The Shooter played by Pee-Wee Herman, and Bin Laden played by Ryan Stiles.

  9. Why not go further. At least 24 and maybe more of the seal 6 team are now deceased. They died in the worst mass killing of U.S. soldiers in a suspicious shoot down of a helicopter in Afghanistan. Also, one of the helicopters blew up during the bin Laden take-down. Look it up. Don’t take my word for it.

  10. This man and his family will be WELL taken care of for life. Don’t be misled by all the purposeful media misdirection. You only will know what THEY want you to know.

  11. Well, they might as well keep churning out the Hollywood movies of the Osama Bin Laden assasination, as the entire thing is ripe with fiction.

    The reality is, you would have had to dig up his corpse in order to shoot him – he was reported dead a decade before his death, and was on kidney dialysis back in 2001. He was visited by the CIA in his hospital bed – they could have killed him then – but as the figure-head leader of a prominent pretend terrorist group, on the US payroll, it would have been counter productive to false flag operations.

    No one onboard the navy ship saw his ‘burial at sea’. Most of the Navy Seals who were involved in the assasination – died while flying low in a 1960’s, Vietnam-era helicopter over Taliban airspace. Of course, Osama Bin Laden was shot dead, while unarmed, rather than interogate or question him in any way. The government has no photographic evidence, nor DNA evidence whatsoever to prove they got the right man – and neighbors swear up and down that they didn’t.

    Yep, definitely a work of fiction, brought to you by your loving, all powerful police state, and your upstanding Hollywood counterfeiters.

  12. Another propaganda film… how many more will be coming out of the wood work… and how many more times is Bin Laden’s corpse going to die. Bin Laden died in Dec. 2001 from kidney failure…

  13. PROPAGANDA AND LIES ONCE AGAIN TO PROP UP THE FAKE WAR ON TERROR!!!! Lets use our common sense for a minute shall we,,,,,,so we are supposed to believe the the Worlds Most Notorius Terrorist of all time Usama Bin Laden( Tim Osman) Was killed in a raid in 2011 and then his body was quickly dumped in the Ocean , Photoshopped pictures were released and quickly then debunked as fakes making Obama tap dance and say ” We dont want to realease those grisly photos” ( but you already released grisly photos ,, be it they were fake,, but still),,so in essence we have no proof he was killed and no body and no real photos to confirm it,,,sounds like Chasing Bigfoot if you ask me,,,, So why would Seal Team Six ( whom mostly was killed a few months later) quickly throw UBL body in the ocean?The most wanted Terrorist ever!!!?? Many verifiable reports indicate Usama died from kidney failure in 2001 …. You people beleive anything the media tells you and you cant use simple logic and common sense,

  14. “This was in part due to his own early retirement.”

    No health insurance was due ‘entirely’ to early retirement. VA health benefits are available – although a reasoned argument can be made that going to a VA hospital is not necessarily good for your health.

    Don’t believe for a minute that ‘The Shooter’ did not know what benefits were and were not available after discharge. You would have to believe he was an idiot – and he is not. This is a good example of a writer taking literary license to embellish a story.

  15. when he Join the service he sign in the dotted line. But I also believe the killing of bin laden the Government should help and take some consideration for his killing of the Devil and the risking his life for out Country :

  16. (((YAWN))) Can we see OBL friggin head please. Until definitive proof is presented books and films are fiction, fantasy, fairytales. NO HEAD NO KILL!

  17. “This was in part due to his own early retirement.” In part? He knew the consequences for retiring early, but did it anyway. And he made the right call. The man’s making a killing (ha, get it?) with all forms of media.

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