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I had such a nice talk with Renee Zellweger on Sunday night at the Oscars– I had no idea the internet was buzzing with all kinds of ridiculous crap about her. I’ve read that she was drunk, and that maybe she’d had some massive Botox injections. I’m pretty surprised. Renee is one of the nicest actresses, very down to Earth, and always a lot of fun.

I ran into her and her newish boyfriend, blues guitarist Doyle Bramhall II, toward the end of the show. They were leaving the Dolby Theater, walking hand in hand. If Renee was drunk she should get an Oscar for playing sober. It never crossed my mind that she was anything but happy. Her face also looked completely normal. And believe me, I’ve seen some distorted faces in this town.

Bramhall is the son of the late Doyle Bramhall senior, himself the legendary guitarist who died in 2011 at age 62. Doyle II is 44 and plays in Eric Clapton’s band among other gigs. He’ll be on Eric’s tour this spring, and at the Crossroads concert at Madison Square Garden. Doyle is from Texas, like Renee, and just a year older. They seem like a good match.

Renee told me she has a lot coming up: a TV series she’s writing and producing, a new film in the works, and maybe a play in London’s West End next fall. The Oscar winner may have been exhausted and hungry–as everyone was–after four or five hours in the Dolby. It’s not a place very conducive to personal enjoyment. The food situation is always an issue–it’s terrible. And the drinks? Bar access is minimal. And the main players are watched so no one is over-served. Bloggers and Tweeters do have over-active imaginations, however!



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  1. What really bothers me is these comments by bloggers and tweeters are nothing more than their preceptions based upon their experiences. It is their opinions. They really don’t know the true stories behind anything they may see or hear about (unless they were there to witness it firsthand – and even then it’s still based on their preception). But yet they make these comments as if they are fact without regard to what the truth may really be. And then when people question their opinion, they turn around and bad mouth the person questioning them and act like their opinion is the truth. This is a behavior that I’m seeing more and more on social media and I find it disturbing. Especially when you look at the comments in the context of bullying behavior which many people seem outraged by. But yet many of these comments made by bloggers and tweeters could be construed as bullying. However it seems like if the comments are made about the famous, then it’s fair game as far as these bloggers/tweeters are concerned to say whatever they think without regard to fact or, God forbid, other people’s feelings or reputation. Perhaps it’s because social media seems to provide some level of anonymity to these people that they feel like they can just get away with saying whatever they think without consequence. It just makes me shutter to think that this behavior may be becoming a societal trend that may only get worse in the future.

  2. You’re mistaken. I’m a social worker, my husband a DRE (drug recognition rep) and we both, watching in different places, could see she messed up– using what we both thought were most likely prescription drugs. She could barely stand and swayed back and forth and very S L O W in her blinking, etc… She is beautiful–and we love her, but she was as messed up as they come.

  3. I watched the Oscars, and I saw Renee and she was beautiful in every way possible. Nothing was wrong with her face or her actions. It seemed to me that she didnt have a real chance to call out the winner.

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