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The Oscars? So yesterday, so Sunday. At the hottest Hollywood boite, Craigs, on Melrose, it was back to business on Monday night. On Sunday Craigs hosted George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s party for Ben Affleck and “Argo.” While Vanity Fair held down the largest number of A listers, Craigs was still hopping.

Last night– Monday–it was back to normal for the restaurant that’s inherited Morton’s old Monday night notoriety. Clarence Avant celebrated his birthday with Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, and a big round table of friends. Sisters Jackie and Joan Collins took over their regular corner booth with Joan’s husband Percy Gibson and their own group of friends.

Meanwhile, Elton John’s managers, the beloved Eddie (Edwina) Barbis and husband Johnny, dined with U2 manager Paul McGuiness and MGM legal eagle Lori Silfen. That’s a lot of gossip to be generated in one room. McGuiness said he’s headed to the TED conference in Long Beach, where Bono will speak about world poverty. He was very vague about a new U2 album so I came home and put on The Joshua Tree.

PS Everyone is hung over or just exhausted. The people who went to Madonna’s “Celebrities Who Will Never Get Oscars” party in the middle of the night mostly talked about the loud rap music and the insufferable traffic snarl. Strike a pose!


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