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Last night’s “American Idol” was down two tenths of a percent from Wednesday, but was up slightly compared to last Thursday. Still the once ferociously popular contestant show was skunked by CBS’s comedy block of “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” for the second Thursday in a row. “AI” scored a 3.9 on Thursday. “Theory”  had a 5.4 during the show’s first half hour.

“Men” tied “AI” during its second half, had a higher rating but slightly lower viewer numbers. The total number of estimated viewers for “Idol” dropped from 14.37 million on Wednesday to 13.5 million on Thursday. All of this suggests a few things: the Wednesday show doesn’t end with a great cliffhanger. The audience wanders around on Thursday and only comes back to the end of the show. They’re not on the edges of their seats to see what’s next.

When I was a kid, “Batman” ran twice during the week. You always came back for the second show because Batman and the Boy Wonder were in trouble. Maybe they should tie Mariah up or send Nicki toward a spinning blade, hang Randy over boiling oil, or put Keith in a pool of piranhas. Oh wait–he’s already there.

Just kidding.


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