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In his wonderfully juicy new book, “Soundtrack of My Life,” Clive Davis — “the Man with the 45 RPM Ears” –confirms what has always been out there: Michael Jackson purposely tried to kill off brother Jermaine’s career. In the mid 80s, Davis signed Jermaine Jackson and had a couple of hits that  still stand up: “Do What You Do” and “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.” Michael didn’t like this.

When Clive hired Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and LA Reid in the late 1980s to produce Jermaine’s fourth album at Arista Records, Michael had enough, Davis says. The King of Pop tied up Babyface for his own projects, ripping him away from Jermaine. Clive writes: “Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way.”At a dinner in Paris, Clive recalls, Jermaine was “crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him.”


The older brother was so angry that he wrote his infamous song, “Word to the Badd,” which denounced Michael as shallow and selfish. Michael responded by calling Davis and demanding he take the song off of Jermaine’s new album.

read this about Jermaine’s unpublished book about Michael from 2003: http://www.showbiz411.com/2013/02/19/michael-jackson-v-jermaine-jackson-flashback-to-jermaines-unpublished-book

Davis was between a rock and a hard place, as they say. Jermaine leaked the track so the world could hear his bitterness. Clive “I felt it would be wrong for me to tell an artist to take a song off an album. This was a family and personal matter that they would need to resolve themselves.” Eventually a watered down version of the song was officially released. Davis’s story lines up with the one told by Michael’s longtime pr man, the late Bob Jones, in his book with Stacy Brown.

I’m sorry: this is the petty side of Michael Jackson that his fans don’t like to hear about. But now we have the same story from two people who never knew each other–Bob Jones, and Clive Davis. Bob Jones wrote that Michael systematically destroyed the careers of Rebbe and Jermaine, and even LaToya, but wasn’t fast enough to stop Janet.



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  1. I recommend to everyone to read the book written by Jermaine’s ex wife Margaret Maldonado Jackson. It’s titlle JACKSON FAMILY VALUES – Memories of Madness. She’s witnessed this event and tells the truth in her book. I think she’s more reliable than a bunch of opportunistic that have Been arisen all the time.

  2. I cant believe people actually read this. Michael SANG WITH Jermaine on the very hit you´re mentioning. They later performed it together on the Triumph tour.

    And you also claim Michael “would have” tried to destroy Janets career. Except that he recorded the record breaking Scream duet together. Where she gained fame from his own spotlight.

  3. What songs did he write for his brothers!? ? I thought so! I don’t know what scared Stacy Brown into recanting his testimony! However, I noticed that Mr. Bashir was noticeably absent from the witness list! Several others didn’t make the cut! They’re still speaking out but conviently, Michael is dead! From The fact that Bob Jones was never broke is what makes this whole testimony bogus!

  4. The Brothers, ESPECIALLY, Jermaine have ALWAYS been jealous of Micha hansel’s stardom as an Entertainer plus they have always tried to live off the avails of Michael to attempt to boost their flagging careers as artists. Don’t believe me? Just look at the unity tour where they’ve charged up to $400 for a 2 second meet and greet??? Robbery!!!! This article is old and antiquated and is not even worthy of being told however I’m sure Mr. Davis has been paid handsomely for this “old” article of hate. SENSATIONALIST MEDIALOID CRAP. KARMA’S A REAL WITCH Clive Davis and Jermaine. Good luck with yr money grubbing ways….TOTAL BS!!!

  5. LMAO @ Latoya, she has no talent, so how could he complicate her career?
    as for Jermaine he complicated his own career for being so jealous of his little brother Michael.
    I bet he’s kicking himself now for that disrespectful song lol he wrote you took my pie or some crap like that, well I say whom bought that pie he speaks of?
    And you changed your shade, WHAT????? Michael didn’t ask to get vitiligo proven so in the autopsy report.
    This story is years old it’s just these hack wanna be’s that keep bringing it up and yes Clive Davis is one of them.
    They have a lotta nerve to bring this crap up when Michael isn’t here anymore to defend himself.

  6. jermaine just didn’t have the appeal that mike had. And as far as careers the siblings named barely had one without the rest of the family.. none of the other family was as talented as mike other than janet…

  7. This is such bs. Why even publish a story like this? It doesn’t even make sense for a second. Why would MJ have to plot to kill Jermaine’s career? Jermaine has said himself that he could sing and perform but that he could never be Michael. I suppose this is how all the Jacksons felt growing up. When Michael was on stage and they would show his siblings in the audience, didn’t matter who it was, their face was always the same; pure awe and appreciation. Not to mention, anyone who has followed the Jackson family knows that Michael and Jermaine were very close. The reason Janet’s career succeeded had nothing to do with Michael leaving it alone, she has what it takes, period. Jermaine, not quite. This is just another example of the music industry selling out to make some money.

  8. funny how one of these “hit” songs of Jermaine has Michael Jackson featured on it (TMIND). if you are a talented musician and artist, nobody can sabotage your career. if the demand is genuinely there, you should be fine.

    Funny how everybody ignores what Michael Jackson’s family put him through throughout his whole life, both professionally and personally.

  9. Is this the same Clive Davis that knowlngly carried on a party whilst Whitney Houston lay dead upstairs in the same hotel? Oh yeah.. I thought so. Clive Davis would throw a party every year before the Grammys at the Beverly Hilton — and every year, Michael Jackson would NOT come. Your figure out how many sour grapes he must have eaten in his lifetime regardiing Michael Jackson – then consider the Baby Face had a will of his own and Jermaine, let’s face it, his talent could not possible measure to Michael’s in any capacity – Babyface made a career choice – Jermaine made a revenge choice.

  10. […] Inside the music mogul’s new memoir, he talks about his work relationships with Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson and the late Whitney Houston – even Milli Vanilli. And yeah, there’s a juicy story inside the book about Michael Jackson deliberately trying to sabotage Jermaine Jackson’s solo career. When Babyface was supposed to produce music for Jermaine, Michael tied up the producer for his own projects. “Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way,” Davis writes. […]

  11. So America, are you enjoying your new gods? The Jacksons, Cruises, Kardashians, and Baldwins of the world are just wonderful examples for all of us, aren’t they…

    So much better to derive our morality from the shallow pit of 24/7 drive-by fame and wealth provided by Hollywood and the recording industry than from ancient characters like Jesus, Buddha, or Moses, right?

  12. He made Rebbie Jackson’s career by giving her Centipede. Also collaborating with Jermaine on Tell Me Im Not Dreamin was a major boost for Jermaine’s album and career. Likewise for Latoya on Night Time Lover. Let’s not forgot the whole Victory tour. He did plenty for his siblings.

  13. Yeah Michael Jackson tried to destroy his sister’ Rebbie’s career so much he wrote her biggest hit. LaToya, Michael gave her breaks with having her in his videos. Jermaine? if he was going to make it he would have made it when he left the Jackson 5 first. Clive Davis and you Roger needs to stop bitching about a man that is no longer here to defend himself.

  14. Errr Roger, this isn’t news. In fact this story has been known about by Michael’s fans for nearly 2 decades. This was first written in Jermaine’s Ex Wife’s Book “Jackson Family Values” by Margaret Maldonado. I think that was released in the mid 90s. And as you well know, Bob Jones it not to be used as a compass of truth by any means having admitted himself UNDER OATH that his book would contain many fabrications in order for it to sell.

  15. I knew that it was a matter of time before you reverted back to your old ways, Friedman! Clive Davis is a fine one to talk especially after he continued to have his Grammy party with Whitney’s dead body still upstairs. In addition to that, he has the party again this year in the same hotel and has the nerve to invite her mother to the party? Cissy was greatly insulted by the invite as she recently said on TV. Is a party more important that someone he claims to care about? What about good old respect for the dead? That raises some character flaws with me in him. Why bring up old ghosts now that Michael is dead and can’t defend himself? As I have said before, what would all you so called journalist do for work if you didn’t have Michael to tear apart? People love to snoop in others people’s closet’s to fish out dirt but how dirty is your closet?

    If Babyface, LA Reid or whomever did chose to work with Michael, that was his choice. All he had to do was turn him down. Jermaine did have some nice songs that you mentioned, but none of them went to number one and Michael can’t control what people actually buy.

    I like both LaToya and Rebbie, but they were not strong singers, with LaToya being the weaker. Heck, Michael wrote the only hit that Rebbie had (Centipede) and he produced LaToya’s first album. Does that sound like a sabatoge to you? Michael has tried to help his family with their careers including singing a duet with Jermaine, “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.” He also produced and sang two songs on his nephew’s (3T) album to help boost their album. It is no secret that Michael financially supported his family for years including the children of Jermaine and Randy! What more does he have to do for them to prove his loyalty? Who was loyal to him? This nonsense needs to stop!

    All of you media types need to get over this continued witch hunt of Michael, especially when you use Bob Jones as a source, who admitted in court that he lied in some parts of his book about Michael. He also tried to claim that it was his co-author Stacey Brown who embellished the story. Stacey Brown is about as credible as Bernie Madoff! He is a huge liar and people know it!

    We as Michael’s fans are very loyal and we will always support him despite what you or others try to say about it. You can bet on that!

  16. what a load of bull. jermaines had/ still has a good voice but his lack of talent ended his career.and everytime jermaine fails in something, he blames everything and everyone but hmself.Michael had better things to be doing with his time than worrying about some BS jermaine was doing.

  17. ahahahah !! To eclipse the career of anyone, it was enough for Michael to open his mouth and the selection was made naturally. Clive Davies is a snake hands dirty when it comes to preparing the grave of an artist. Michael rotten?? Good thing I like it.

  18. Roger, Are you serious? I don’t doubt that Jermaine was hurt by Michael working with the same hot at the time producers as he was, but to allege that he was trying to destroy Jermaine’s career is lunacy.

    As for Rebbie, Michael not only wrote and produced her biggest hit (Centipede). Her last album was on Michael’s label MJJ Music!!!

    Furthermore, LA and Babyface could have shown some integrity and refused to produce Michael until after completing work with Jermaine.

    Jermaine’s first album on Arista was a platinum seller (Jermaine’s last and only after the one containing Let’s Get Serious on Motown) because of its inclusion of the duet Michael recorded with him (Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming).

    Lastly, I’m glad Michael was able to get over his destroy Janet inclination long enough to record the big hit and brillant video Scream.

  19. Clive Davis needs to get real! Michael tied them up only for his project? I am sure that more than anything those two wanted to work on his next CD. Michael had two big hit albums Off The Wall and Thriller and just the mention that hr was working on another threw all songwriters into a tizzy to work with him. Talk about petty, what low self astem brother would write such a terrible song about your own family member unless ou don ‘t have confidence in your own self? Jermaine is still a cheap rip off of Michale no matter how you look at it, why didn’t Clive keep him? Why is it that no one really want him after what he wrote? How’s Word To The Bad Feel Now? Still feeding off of Michael’s crumbs!

  20. Just a blatant lie!
    PS: Roger, the book that Bob Jones wrote with the help of Stacy Brown is a pack of lies and you keep mentioning this book as a source! ridiculous!

  21. yea and while MJ is NOT here to tell his side of story, they can say and write whatever they want… BUT let’s don’t forget that Rebbie’s Only #1 hit single was the one that MJ wrote for her!

  22. I’m pretty sure that Jermaine killed his own career. He was a good singer but his songs were never that good. I don’t think Michael would see him as a threat. And Michael wrote few songs for Rebbie and she did well herself. They were just not as good as Michael or Janet. I’m sorry.

  23. Like La Toya, Rebbie Jackson didn’t have much of a career in the first place. But her only hit was written for her by Michael. She and Jermaine cling to the fiction that MJ’s stardom was just a matter of luck and timing, and that any of the Jacksons would have been just as big. If Jermaine had had what it takes, the loss of a coupke of producers wouldn’t have stopped him, especially since he left the Jacksons to marry Berry Gordy’s daughter. Since MJ supported Jermaine’s ‘wife’ and children for years, maybe one could say it all evened out

    Clive Davis is just the latest in the apparently endless line of those trying to sell a book by dissing MJ, who isn’t here to dispute him or defend himself. Bob Jones was revealed on the stand when he admitted that his book was rife with lies under Tom Mesereau’s cross examination. Maybe they didn’t know each other, but they were cut from the same cloth.

  24. He wrote the only successful song Rebbie had.

    He did the same for Toya, and let her star in a video. Toya blamed Joe for holding her back in her career, it’s why she went with Jack Gordon. But everyone said she was an idiot ’cause she felt she’d be this huge star, and she just was not cut out for singing.

    So Janet’s the only career he didn’t kill? How’d he sleep on that one?

    Now that Mike’s dead I’m sure we’ll see all their careers thriving as he’s no longer here to kill them, right? I’m sure everyone’s waiting on Janet’s next CD or the next Jermaine Jackson tour. Without MJ there, nobody will hear from it again.

    And this Jerm story is from 1990, this is not new info from Clive.

  25. Yes, the impressive stories from Bob Jones:

    Cross-examination of BOB JONES (April 11 2005)

    25 Q. And then you were asked, “Um, did you see
    26 Mr. Jackson engage in any head licking of anybody?”
    27 And your answer was, “Never.” Remember that?
    28 A. I recall.


    3 Q. And you told the prosecutor you had written
    4 the words at the bottom of the page that refer to
    5 licking, right?
    6 A. Uh-huh.
    7 Q. And is it your testimony that you have not
    8 approved the accuracy of that statement?
    9 A. That is correct.


    4 Q. And would you agree when you’re working with
    5 a co-writer and a publisher to prepare a book about
    6 Michael Jackson, there’s pressure to make things
    7 sensational when you can, right?
    8 A. Yes.
    9 Q. And your publisher and others want a book
    10 that can sell, correct?
    11 A. My co-writer [STACEY BROWN]. The publisher wasn’t involved
    12 in that particular end of it.


    13 Q. Okay. And do you then typically correct or
    14 change what you think is either inaccurate or
    15 inappropriate?
    16 A. Oh, I’ve changed millions of things that
    17 were inaccurate that I didn’t say


    10 Q. Mr. Brown, what I think the prosecutor just
    11 elicited is the following: When he[BOB JONES] was broke, he
    12 said there was licking. And when he didn’t have
    13 financial problems, he said there wasn’t any, right

    14 A. Well, if that’s how you —
    15 Q. Right?
    16 A. — break it down, yeah, I guess.
    17 MR. MESEREAU: Thank you.
    18 MR. AUCHINCLOSS: No further questions.

    I’m impressed MJ wrote so many songs for people whose careers he was killing, I guess this was an assisted suicide he was attempting?

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