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UPDATE: I underestimated–“Silver Linings” will break $100 million today. Congrats!

Earlier: It’s taken 14 weeks–14 long weeks– but “Silver Linings Playbook” will cross the $100 million mark probably by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. As of last night David O. Russell’s exceptional comedy-drama has made $98,462,000. And that’s not counting healthy foreign ticket sales of $40 million. Unusual? Yes, because it’s a finely wrought comedy with dark undertones. And this weekend, when it should have dropped off a bit, “SLP” did over $6 million. I have a feeling there’s a lot of repeat business.

It’s also the first movie since Warren Beatty’s “Reds” in 1981 to score all the major Oscar nominations–all four acting noms, Best Director, and screenplay. Jennifer Lawrence is the odds on favorite for Best Actress, and I said in Toronto that Robert DeNiro could win Best Supporting Actor. Russell picked up Best Screenplay/Comedy, Musical at BAFTA.

The fact that “SLP” is crossing the $100 million mark is exceptional because it languished in limited release for a long, long time. Now it’s on a roll. From the beginning nearly everyone who saw it loved “Silver Linings.” It’s the only Best Picture nominee that leaves a lump in your throat. And while the family in that Philadelphia house seems to be out of control, they are anything but– Russell turned them into a beautiful little quartet. Cooper, DeNiro, Lawrence, and Weaver are outstanding.

Russell missed the red carpet tonight in LA at the Writers Guild Awards-West. And even though “Argo” won Best Adapted Screenplay, Russell, our LEAH SYDNEY reports, was welcomed like a winner. (Russell later picked up an Award at the LA-Italia festival. That’s where the picture is from above.)

Two more days to vote for the Oscars. Academy ballots must be back by Tues Feb 19th at 5pm. And even if “Silver Linings” doesn’t win Best Picture, its box office numbers assure it — along with its many accolades and rave reviews– of status as an instant classic.

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  1. It was a good movie. Very solid, interesting, well done. It wasn’t extremely funny in my opinion, nor was the drama all that powerful. Both were good, but not fantastic. Frankly, I think this movie is receiving some congratulations that should have been directed at Russell’s last movie but the taint of his problems dealing with actors was too fresh at the time. It’s called politics. Frankly, Argo hit harder in my opinion. This one just happens to have Deniro and everybody has been reminded that he’s gone a long time without an Oscar (fairly enough; he decided to play 2 dimensional if funny parts in cutesy and safe comedies for whatever reason). Frankly, if SLP wins out here, it will be about politics, not art.

  2. Grr. You people are there are nuts. I will boycott the Oscars forever if SLP wins. It should never had been nominated. It has a good first hour and then turns into a boring, typical ROM-COM. If you want to like it, fine. Like cheesey movies. But DO NOT talk about it being the best movie of the year or deserving of an Oscar. Really, people are you fine with some lame Dance/Football game bet. Mediocre movie at best.

  3. The liberal establishment wants anything except Zero Dark Thirty to win. It’s all about the politics and when it doesn’t jibe with the Hollywood liberal elite it doesn’t get the eight and a half pound door stop.

  4. I found this movie to be very entertaining and heart warming at times. But I am will not sit here and rate it as godly film work. I like jennifer lawrence’s performance very much and bradley cooper actually does a very good job in this role. Not to metion Di nero doest usually do bad films. As a person that has a daughter with some extreme behavioral disorders i found it to be very fulfilling to see it painted in such extreme ways. I consider myself pretty conservative on values and I found this movie to not entertain much of politics but more of mental disorders and addressing something that should be addressed. The critics of this fil will mostly be A holes just sweeping this thing with their behavior under the rug. If you dont watch this and think to yourself i think we all have a little crazy streak in us then there is something wrong with you. Or your just a conservative up tight who thinks life is painted pretty all the time. 4 of 5 stars.

  5. But of course Oscar voters will love Silver Lings Playbook, it’s totally for diagnosed narcissists about diagnosed narcissists. A reflection of how shallow our culture has become. It’s all about “ME”.

    Narcissists reading this will not perceive the existence or relevance of what was just said……………….because they are………………. narcissists.

  6. I thought it was OK, but pretty boring. You want GOOD dark humor? Watch American Psycho or Battle Royale..

    follow me on twitter @TheMissesHelp

  7. This pandering to Harvey is so tired. Silver Linings doesn’t deserve half the attention your giving it right now. And if it wins the oscar it won’t be an upset. An upset can only happen if the machinery you are putting into place (and are a part of) fails to secure the win. I mean why else did Harvey pay you to write this piece of fluff article? Upset my ass. They bought the award months ago.

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