Home Celebrity Alan Rickman (Don’t Call Him Snape) Snapped Up by ICM Partners

Exclusive: With four movies in the can, Alan Rickman could not be hotter right now. But don’t call him, Snape, please. (I’ve made that mistake myself.) I’m told that Rickman has just moved to ICM Partners, where he’ll be repped by Adam Schweitzer.  Rickman has already wrapped playing Hilly Kristal in the CBGB movie. He also appears in “Gambit,” the Michael Hoffman movie with Colin Firth, written by the Coen brothers, that has gone missing in the US. “Gambit” has opened abroad already and will keep opening in various countries. But it may just get a DVD release here. Anyway, Rickman is a constant in movies and theater, he works seemingly nonstop, and is good in everything. ICM Partners also recently added Katie Holmes, who is said to be in hot demand right now by every TV network if she will return there. Otherwise, expect to see her pick up the film career she was starting before she married Tom Cruise.

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