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Prince is back. Sort of. First he kinda put out “Screwdriver,” a very catchy single. Now there’s “Breakfast Can Wait.” Again, catchy, fun. A return to Prince of old. Gone is the self indulgent, mysterious endless funk riff stuff. Prince is back into making hits. If he as 10 or 12 of these songs, ol Prince will be out-funking Justin Timberlake. Only problem is Prince has no record label and no conventional way to release this music, so it’s a treasure hunt. Prince, make a deal already.


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  1. Could it be that by releasing these tunes one at a time, it will get the attention of a record company and he’ll be able to deal on his own terms. There’s a lot going on overseas in Europe….possibilities Virgin….maybe Atlantic?

  2. yoy have to be stupied & sick to compare the brillant prince to someone of tiny talent like justin timberlake. white boy can’t sing & he ain’t got no goods.

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