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It’s a sad state of affairs as the race for number 1 at the box office this weekend is between two mediocre (and that’s being charitable) offerings. “A Good Day to Die Hard” beat “Safe Haven” on Friday night by a whisker– just $75,000 separated these two avoidable features. More importantly, they each made less on Friday than they did on Thursday. So who knows what will happen tonight?

Meanwhile, three big Oscar nominees are wrapping up their runs with very healthy box office returns– “Lincoln,” ($175 mil)  “Django Unchained,” ($155 mil) and “Life of Pi” ($109 mil) each did very well domestically. “Argo” came in at around $125 million.

“Silver Linings” is very much still alive and kicking at the box office, on its way to $100 million certainly by next weekend or right after the Oscars. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just declared a Robert DeNiro day, and the whole “Silver Linings” cast is getting award at the LA-Italia festival this coming week.

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