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UPDATE: It looks like Thursday’s “American Idol” ratings were even worse than Wednesday’s. The show fell from a 4.3 to an alarming 3.6. Sound the alarms! CBS’s comedy block beat “Idol” on Thursday. “Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” together took the 8-9pm time slot handily.

Earlier: What’s happening with “American Idol“? It’s still number 1 in its timeslots, and still a powerhouse, kind of. But on Wednesday night, “Idol” scored its lowest Wednesday rating since 2002 according to tvbythenumbers.com. Here’s what they said: On FOX, American Idol scored a 4.3, down three tenths from last week’s 4.6 adults 18-49 rating and the series’ lowest adults 18-49 rating for a Wednesday since July 10,2002.” Got that?

Last night, “Idol” winnowed 40 contestants of each gender down to 20 apiece. The women, as Nigel Lythgoe told me a couple of weeks ago, are better than the men. The guys do not look like adults and don’t have much stature so far. Maybe things will change as the show progresses.

Of the women, Melinda Ademi seemed the most impressive. And of course, Zoanette was outstanding– but she may be like Frenchie Davis, a bit of a novelty. But she’s arresting to say the least. Angela Miller was spot on, too. She sounds like a recording artist. Candace Glover sang “Girl on Fire,” and full-throated, on key.

The judges: Mariah Carey is a little too reverential. I wish the spicy Mariah would come out. But she seems averse to really critiquing the performers. Nikki Minaj even seemed subdued. Randy remains the voice of reason. But I think the breakout judge is Keith Urban. He’s funny, real, knows the words to songs the contestants are singing, and he mixes it up.

Will “Idol” bounce back in the ratings? Someone there–a  judge, a contestant– has to spark a fire.



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  1. I have watched the show every season. Have really given it a chance but Nikki is impossible to watch. The quality of the contestants is substandard. Last year, there was so much great talent. Wish some of the losers from last year would have tried out this year. Sadly, I am done with American Idol. What were they thinking with Nikki?

  2. This season totally sucks. Started out as a circus freak show follwed by no talent singers. Minaj is annoying and mariah looks like she’s bored. Now they’ve changed everything too. Your losing ratings for a reason..

  3. Will definitely watch again once they get rid of Nikki but haven’t tuned in at ll since she was announced as a judge. I like to watch with my kids and that is not the kind of behavior they need to see demonstrated. Usually we watch and vote and go to the concert when it comes to town but not this year.

  4. I have warched the show since season 1. This season, a half hour hearing Nicki Minaj and I was off the show for good. Get rid of her and audiences will be back!!!! She is nasty and loves hearing herself too much.

  5. “interrupted by the precious little Minaj diva. Nikki drove me away and I don’t want to come back until she’s gone.”
    I totally agree. Nicki wears so much makeup and wigs you wonder — where is the REAL Nicki Minaj. And her accent – holy moley. Is she a NYer or is she British? And I don’t understand them giving passes to average singers at best and like bb stated, I cringe everytime a transgender man/woman gets a pass to go on. You know darn well, middle America is not going to embrace the transgender. The total number of judges do not need to be 4, that’s excessive, and they tried it before and it failed. The Fox SUITS are ruining the show, you can’t blame Nigel for this, he’s only going along with the higher ups.

  6. It’s not just that the judge lineup is frail. Since when did the family show become a breeding ground for transvestites for us to view? Abhorable and caustic.

  7. I’d love to see a Scandinavian-style black-metal band perform on American Idol!

    The judges (covering their ears): ‘Ook ook eek eek, they’d beez all rasis’ en sheeet!”

  8. I have watched Idol since season two and my husband and I are enjoying this season, except for Nikki Manaj. She is offensive to watch and listen to. We think that Keith Urban has been great in his new gig as a judge, also Mariah Carey.You can see a conflict between Mariah and Nikki and think it’s subdued Mariah. We have to “tolerate” Nikki because she’s there, but wish she wasn’t. They don’t have to have four judges; most years there have been only three. Always have liked Randy Jackson and has held the show together through the years. Also Ryan Secrest! He’s the best host ever. We do hope the ratings keep up as we’ve always enjoyed it. We wouldn’t have a Carrie Underwood if it wasn’t for Idol.

  9. Get rid of Nikki, Miriah could possibly have a chance if Nikki was not there to cut her down every time Miriah opens her mouth. Keith is showing a good face and how much he knows about music. He’s a real nice guy.

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