Home Celebrity Bill Clinton Will Present Barbra Streisand With Lincoln Center Film Award

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States, is really enjoying his Hollywood connections this year. He presented Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” at the Golden Globes in January. Now he’s going to do something nice for pal Barbra Streisand. Clinton will present Streisand with the prestigious Chaplin Award when she’s honored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center on April 22nd. That’s hot stuff, and a big deal for Lincoln Center. I don’t know who to congratulate–Barbra, Bill, or Chaplin. With Clinton in attendance, you can expect a bevy of Streisand-related stars to show up, from Robert Redford to Ryan O’Neal and hopefully, Lauren Bacall.

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  1. Much appreciation for the “heads up” notification of Ms.Streisand’s receiving
    the Lincoln Center Film Award. Have followed her career for decades, attended her concerts, and purchased her music, she is a bright and impressive artist, who is an actress who sings! Go Girl!

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