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It’s a bad week for lil’ Justin Bieber. The 18 year old tween pop star wasn’t nominated for any Grammys or invited to the show. So he took a gig hosting and performing on “Saturday Night Live.” And the result: some low ratings for the show, which had been on a ratings roll of late. Ratings were down 4% from the previous episode.

Bieber was so stressed for attention on Sunday night during the Grammys that he posted a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram to appear “sexy,” offered his Twitter followers a bite of a new song, and wailed most of the night about being “frustrated.” No one was watching him!

On top of that, after debuting at number 1 on the charts with 212,000 copies, Bieber’s “Believe (Acoustic)” dropped 79% in its second week, selling just 44,000 copies. Maybe some of the people who bought it realized they already had all those songs on “Believe,” the original album, and told their friends on the playground.

But it’s the feud with Grammy award winning Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney that’s heating up the internet. After Carney said in an interview on the Grammy red carpet that Bieber should be happy with all the money he’s made–because the Grammys are about music and not money–Bieber imploded. He Tweeted that someone should slap the Black Keys drummer around. Of course, that would be someone else, not Bieber. He will send a bodyguard to do the job.

All of this begs the question of where this Justin Bieber story will end one day. He’s on TMZ nearly every day being pulled over in some $100,000 car that he can’t drive. He’s had numerous embarrassing moments of being snapped while smoking pot– a no no for role models for 13 year olds, his main audience.

Meantime, to add insult to injury–Bieber’s ex-girlfriend showed up at a show put on by a better Bieber, the original Justin, Timberlake, on Sunday night after the Grammys. I spoke to her for a few minutes. She was very nice. But she also seemed a little interested in country singer Hunter Hayes–who’d actually been on the Grammys to represent the teen audience. Yikes.




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