Home Uncategorized Movie Awards: SAG Claims Next January 18th, A Week Early

Soon the Oscars will have to be given out as the movies open. This just in: The Screen Actors Guild declared this morning that the 2014 SAG Awards will be presented a week early next year–Saturday, January 18th. Come on, really?

Ordinarily the SAGs would have occurred on January 25th. But all these awards shows want to be first. First! So the SAGs will now come on the first Saturday of the Sundance Film Festival. Why not complicate everything, I say?

So based on this, the Golden Globes have to be on Sunday, January 12th. The Oscar nominations would be announced on Thursday January 9th. And so on. The actual Oscars, under the present schedule, would be on February 22nd. But maybe now they’ll be earlier.

Maybe everything should be on the same day– Awards Day! The audience can be seated in one theater on New Year’s Day, and the different awards groups can have 30 minutes apiece at the podium.

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