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If you were wondering why Beyonce sang at the Inauguration. performed at the Super Bowl, put together a Destiny’s Child reunion there, and issued a Destiny’s Child greatest hits album with a new track for no apparent good reason– now we have a reason. Beyonce has just announced a world tour beginning in April in Serbia.

The tour comes to the US in June, and lands at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where husband Jay Z has an interest. It’s called “The Mrs. Carter Tour” because Jay Z’s real name is Shawn Carter. So that explains it: the end game of all this marketing was a big tour with high priced tickets. At least there is an endgame because frankly, why else put yourself through all this?

Meanwhile, there’s no apparent sales bounce in CD or download sales for Beyonce or Alicia Keys after last night. Amazon.com is selling Beyonce download albums for five bucks, but it hasn’t pushed them into the stratosphere. Keys’s “Girl on Fire” has shown no appreciable change in sales either.


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  1. Roger, you must stop removing my messages. I’m not saying anything harmful…if this keeps up, I’m going to abandon your website.

  2. Roger-

    You really must stop gauging everything by Amazon sales. Beyonce did indeed receive an HUGE immediate sales boost in singles and albums on iTunes. Please take the time to do better research and analysis on all music album sales fronts. I enjoy your website but it bothers me when you only utilize one source and then form your write-up opinion with lop-sided research. Thanks!

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