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Super Bowl 2013: Jennifer Hudson has the pipes. She sang “America the Beautiful”  with the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir and nailed it, of course. JHud is the voice of her generation, and she can belt it out in any weather, live, without augmentation. Give her an A plus.

Alicia Keys performed the Star Spangled Banner with her piano, slow and steady and deliberate. Alicia doesn’t always sing on key, but she was flat just once toward the end. Otherwise, she looked beautiful and caused ho harm. Going slow suited her delivery. The fact that the Super Bowl entertainment is Alicia, JHud, and Beyonce, with Jay Z, is very cool, so let’s appreciate it.

Of the movie commercials, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” looked excellent. And “World War Z” has shaped up as the must see End of the World blockbuster. But “The Lone Ranger” is worrying, especially Johnny Depp doing his pirate-as-Indian. I just don’t get it. Maybe more footage will explain. And whoever attempted to sing “Hold on I’m Coming” in that commercial with the Rock–yikes! The worst!



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  1. What can Jennifer Hudson not sing? Her magnificent voice brings power and warmth to everyone. She has already begun her legendary walk in life to become one of our greatest singers in history. I wish her the best in the many years before her.

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