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It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Anne Hathaway, who’s taken a lot of ribbing this Oscar season, is actually a doll. Now she’s getting the ultimate hilarious send up of her role in “Les Miserables” singing “I Dreamed a Dream.” A YouTube parody has already been seen over 500,000 times and counting. It’s a must see from beginning to end, and the end–in which Anne’s name is spelled wrong– a reference to her Critics’ Choice Awards speech– is the cherry on top. Anne can take a joke, and I’m sure the Academy will too. I expect to see this played in the Dolby Theater during a commercial if (when) Hathaway wins Best Supporting Actress on February 24th. The singer is Emma Fitzpatrick, and the director is USC film student Alberto Belli.

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  1. Wow, the lights went on! Great!

    Stella as right. The male predators mostly get away with it, pretty much whatever they do. Boys will be boys, right? Hey, what’s a little raping, wife battering, threatening wife with a knife, verbal abuse and racial slurs anyway? And… eh… they’re possibly powerful, and you have to run with the crowd…

    But be female and try to choose color of microphone or actually do some directing and being decisive. Wow. Only a chosen few are allowed to do that.

    Lights still on? ;)

  2. Roger, the only reason Anne Hathaway is getting a lot of ribbing- because she is a female. Plus, she is young, very smart, super-talented, and successful . Where was the ribbing towards Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Woody Allen , and Roman Polanski ? Where was Roberto Benigni’s bashing during his award season ?

  3. Wow – Emma Fitzpatrick is really good! The way she parodies the exaggerated sloooooow manner all heartbreak(sniff!)ing songs are performed in musicals – great! Ann H is a marvelous actress, and fun, and I’m sure she can take a joke. An honor to be mimicked by Emma. (And AH could propably do HER just as well!)

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