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Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking a beating at the box office. And it’s not from  robot or android or massively muscled rival. Petite red headed Jessica Chastain, star of “Mama,” is thrashing Arnold’s “Last Stand.” The horror film starring the Oscar nominated actress from “Zero Day Thirty” has done more than four times the box office business of Arnold’s return to the screen. In the same six day period, “Mama” has made over $34 million. “The Last Stand” has done about $8.3 million. It does seem like poetic justice that Schwarzenegger, notoriously not nice to women, is meeting his match from a serious, gifted actress. By the looks of things, “The Last Stand” will fade after this weekend, while “Mama” and “Zero Dark Thirty” will continue to rule the box office. Plus, Chastain is still doing swell on Broadway in “The Heiress.” Good for her!

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