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I’m just going by a story in People magazine this evening. Cissy Houston, the singer, mother of Whitney, has written a book (“Remembering Whitney”) that’s going to be published two weeks before the first anniversary of her daughter’s death. For years this woman saw her daughter doing drugs. And both of her sons had drug problems. Her cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, sister of Dionne, a fine singer and a beautiful person, had substance abuse problems, suffered for years and died a tragic death much too early.

All of this was around Cissy Houston for decades. And now she says she didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t do anything about it. This seems a little far-fetched. On top of that, in People, Cissy says she doesn’t know if Whitney had a romantic relationship with Robyn Crawford, and that she didn’t like having Robyn around. This also suggests that Cissy was an ostrich of the first order. Crawford was probably the last good influence on Whitney until she was “replaced” by Bobby Brown as a confidante and soul mate.

If the rest of Cissy Houston’s book, due on January 29th, is this clueless, then truly these words have more impact than ever: “Houston, we have a problem.” It does seem that, as in the case with Michael Jackson, the family became so financially reliant on the superstar that they simply stopped questioning anything for fear of being shut out. And the result was a death on February 11, 2012 that still remains shocking.

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  1. Oh, but wait until that great judgement day where we shall “ALL, great and small shall stand before” the GREAT KING JESUS”, where none shall escape the judgement for the deeds done in, or out of the body……. For it is written: shall he who planted the eye not know!!!!

  2. The entire family help put Whitney in the grave. It’s obvious that she was was the cash cow for those freeloaders she called family. Cissy has the nerve to say that she ignored signs..what type of mothers turns the other cheek to a dying drug addicted daughter? I’ll tell u what kind. A self centered, self absorbed jealous money hungry sad excuse for a mom. The only difference between Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole & Whitney is they had family who fought against all odds…the poor girl didn’t stand a chance..I saw at her the year b4 she died at Clives Pre Grammy party where she honored Dionne..she was a train wreck then & they jus glossed over her as if she was well! It sickens me to no end because she could have been saved!

  3. Cissy lost all credibility after she did a reality show on her daughters death for some cold cash three months after her only daughter died.I don’t believe a damn thing that sick woman has to say the only dirty little secrets Whitney was keeping is that her family are a bunch of wackos who smooched and is still smooching of her fame and name they need to get a job and stop using Whitney’s name and legacy to make some quick money they all need to get a life and a real job and some mental help fast.

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