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Exclusive: Justin Bieber’s mother, Patti Mallette, is promoting an anti-abortion film called “Crescendo.” She hopes to distribute it beginning February 28th.  She’s also promoting a conservative right wing offshoot charitable foundation associated with the film’s producer. Here’s the message on the Crescendo website:

“On February 28th, Crescendo, a short film that has been globally heralded and has won over 11 international awards, will be screened at 100 events and then 1,000 events total in 2013. Bring a screening to your community today by clicking below! Each screening is a terrific fundraising opportunity for you. We thank you for experiencing this groundbreaking short film by the producers of Bella, Eduardo Verastegui, Jason Jones and Leo Severino and executive producer Pattie Mallette, the mother of Justin Bieber!”

It’s interesting timing that Bieber is releasing an “Acoustic” album this week, while his mother, Mallette, is also soliciting donations to a so-called charity run by her co-producers on “Crescendo”– including Jones. The registered 501 c(3) is called Hero, Inc. and it’s run by Jones out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Los Angeles. Jones is also the president and founder of Movie to Movement, which ran the grassroots campaign for the right wing funded documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” according to the “Crescendo” website. Jones is passionately aligned with the Pro Life, anti-Obama movement, having written articles for Breitbart.com and other websites.

HERO has some questionable finances. According to its most recent federal tax filing Form, HERO Inc. paid exactly HALF of the $554,000 it claimed in revenue for 2011 for salaries–$270,000. They finished 2011 over $20,000 in the red, the minus column. Jones was paid $88,000 in salary.

HERO-stands for Human Rights Education and Relief Organization. Its “primary exempt purpose”: “promoting a “Whole Life” ethic that recognizes the intrinsic worth of the sanctity of human life at all stages of physical development, regardless of social standing, physical or mental abilities, or geopolitical circumstances.”


There’s more: somehow these people have taken a charming 2006 indie movie called “Bella” and bent its meaning into a pro-life crusade. Jones and Severino were two of many producers on the film. Verastegui played the male lead. But the entire meaning of “Bella” has been perverted in the name of starting “pregnancy care centers”–or places where teens are advised not to consider abortion. Mallette is fully behind this as evidenced by a video on the Crescendo website.





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  1. Is this you report we decide?

    Bella WAS heralded as a film with pro life message. I clearly remember seeing the female lead, a lovely woman, on a fox news evening program.

    This is a bad thing? For God’s sake?!

    I cannot imagine a more difficult challenge–trying to mobilize a a pro life agenda within the entertainment industry. One risks, scrutiny, hostility, even your professional LIVELYHOOD if you dare suggest that the sanctity of life be observed at birth.

    I would be frightened to get behind it and that shames me.

    There are 2 stories here. One deserves scrutiny. The other in all probability is just Christian persecution.

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