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The holiday weekend has produced a couple of winner and losers at the box office. “Silver Linings Playbook” has finally broken out and hit its stride. After 63 days in release, “SLP” at last went “wide” and made over $11 million from Friday to Sunday.

Yes, people really, really like it. “SLP” comes into Monday morning with $56 million in the till. The David O. Russell directed comedy finished third, behind “Mama” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” With continued good word of mouth and maybe some SAG Awards love next Saturday, “SLP” could hit Oscar weekend with $75 million.

On the other hand, Arnold Schwarzenegger may have made his last stand with “The Last Stand.” The action film comeback for the former Governator made only $6.3 million over the weekend–and that’s a high estimate.

The movie hasn’t been released internationally yet, and that’s where it will make its money–in places where English isn’t necessary but audiences will get a kick out of seeing Arnold. Still, “The Last Stand” shows that Americans aren’t interested in the man who lied to and deceived Maria Shriver and her family.

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