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While we were partying it up at the Golden Globes last night, Justin Timberlake released his new single. “Suit and Tie,” featuring a rap by Jay Z, went immediately to number on iTunes where it remains at this hour. Timberlake wrote on his website that the album, called “The 20/20 Experience,” will come out “this year.” The marketing plan so far seems to feature an eye chart and one of those eye-exam lens checkers.

“Suit and Tie” — no credits yet. But it’s a sweet piece of 70s soul with nice hook and melody that could fit into the KISS FM playlist if KISS FM still existed. (Thanks Infinity Broadcasting.) The Jay Z rap I could live without, and the song doesn’t have a substantial bridge–the rap seems to take its place. But it’s refreshing. I don’t know if it’s an obscure sample or “interpolation.” I’m crossing my fingers that it’s original.

One thing about Justin Timberlake: he can sing. I remember years ago at a Clive Davis pre Grammy dinner, NSync, the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears were all there. At the end of the show, all the real singers in the room got up to join in on the finale. Justin was the only one from that whole gang who got up and sang a lead R&B falsetto. He’s right with it. On “Suit and Tie” he sounds like he’s mixing up the Stylistics with echoes of Marvin Gaye. Sweet. If the whole album is like that, it will be a smash.

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  1. SallyinChicago-

    Thank you for the compliment. I am sure JT listens to Bee Gees. I consider myself a student of music history and I have studied music theory.

  2. It’s awful and not ever been a huge fan of his, I do think he is talented but this just feels like he threw something together and said here… I listened to it twice yesterday and that was twice to many time…

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