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Justin Timberlake is bringing annoying back. Following on the heel of Adele (“Skyfall”) and the Rolling Stones (“Doom and Gloom”), the former boy band star is releasing his new single via social network tonight at midnight. “Suit and Tie” is Timberlake’s first new solo single in about six years. An album will follow in two to three months.

Timberlake is coyly using Twitter and Tumblr to release little tidbits of information. Oddly, he’s not using MySpace, in which he invested heavily in the last year, as forum for this information. In all likelihood. “Suit and Tie” will be ready for paid download exclusively on iTunes at midnight.

I told you in September that Timberlake had been working on new music with producer Timberland. But also dropped this week is a new single from Bon Jovi called “Because We Can,” A new album from New Jersey’s favorite rock pop garage band is due in March. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0Z3nh-ah_k

And you have to give Bon Jovi credit. They’re still regularly putting out catchy new songs, with great melodies, vocals, and radio friendly, stadium solid instrumentals. That’s not so easy in 2013.

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