Home Music Justin Bieber Hosts “SNL” Since He Wasn’t Invited to Grammy Awards

Justin Bieber, pot smokin’ cult leader, will host “Saturday Night Live” on February 9th. There’s a reason he has that date open. Bieber was not invited to the Grammy Awards on February 10th or any other Grammy weekend event. On the 9th, when most of the music biz will be either at the NARAS Lifetime Achievement ceremony or at Clive Davis’s all -star dinner concert, the Biebs will be horsing around on “SNL” to promote his “acoustic” album. If New Year’s Eve or other videos are evidence of what that will be like, then the sound of strangling geese is what to expect.

Bieber is currently involved in a weird Twitter debacle in which kids are allegedly being told to “cut” (literally) themselves after Bieber was caught on film by TMZ smoking big blunts. I don’t know what anyone expects him to do. Plucked out of the wilds of Canada with no education, this miniature person has very little actual talent other than being able to dance in the manner of NSync channeling Michael Jackson. His manager is living it up, sending out Tweets from events and vacations around the world while Bieber–whom Scooter Braun refers to as The Kid–is getting into more and more trouble. You know this will end in tears.

Anyway, rend garments, sleep all night in Rock Center, and get ready. The Biebs is coming to town. We will be away, listening to real music all weekend.

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  1. This article was very inappropriate and should be taken of the air. Hating on Justin Bieber because you’re jealous of him? What a sad life you must have.

  2. He’s a mediocre singer and dancer, who happens to be loved by a lot of teenage girls. Where’s the crime in that? I don’t really get the hate and need for sarcasm. I think old grownups like you and me should not bash a skinny teenager who was thrown into awkward fame early on. He really is a kid.

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