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Happy Birthday, David Bowie! A young 66 today! I don’t know about you, but I’ve really missed him. Bowie has a new song today and a video to go with it called “Where Are We Now?” It’s a beautiful, elegiac ballad. A new album — his first in freakin’ ten years– is due in March called “The Next Day.” The video is on Bowie’s site, www.davidbowie.com. The song, which I downloaded for $1.29, is on iTunes, so it’s a closed system thing. But you can hear a snippet of it there. The video is on vimeo, another closed system. The album will be on Sony, since RCA–Bowie’s old label–is part of that company now. Can’t wait for the album. The single is lovely. The video is arty, just like Bowie. By the way, “Changes” came out 41 years ago yesterday. It’s not possible since I remember hearing it on the radio when it debuted, and I’m only 34. Happy Birthday, Ziggy Stardust. Welcome back!

PS I will tell you a true story. I can remember doing homework, listening to WNEW-FM when they first played “Space Oddity.” It was the most remarkable thing coming out of the radio. And it still is. What passes for “music” today is criminal by comparison.


Play this, kids:

Space Oddity







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  1. Same thing is the reason Ultravox’s Vienna finally topped the charts in the U.K., after more than 20 years.

    Thanks for the Bowie info. I love him, the song and the video. May he keep on keeping on.

  2. you know, that’s true although Space Oddity didn’t become a hit until 1972-73. It languished. In those days a record could make a comeback after being found. The same thing happened with the Moody Blues Days of Future Passed. Released in 68, made it in 72.

  3. 34? Happy Birthday to you … and, DB. beautiful single; much his last work before his hiatus. He’s still tthe man … no question and GREAT video! The youngsters today could take a BIG lesson! Awesome! See kids, that’s the test of a true artist … you can take a 10-year break, come back, and still be as relevant as ever!

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