Home Movies “Django” Bang-O to Number 1 Wednesday, Oscar Voting Closes Today

“Django Unchained” hit number 1 on Wednesday as adults took the box office back from kids, who went to school finally. “The Hobbit” was pushed to second place and was nearly defeated by “Les Miserables.” Ah, the middle of the week is for us. But not completely: even with the kiddies parked back behind desks and doing homework, “Jack Reacher” couldn’t shoot up “Parental Guidance.” Still Bette Midler and Billy Crystal took Tom Cruise. What gives? Adults sitting in “PG” by themselves? Come on, now. Tom Cruise needs your help!

Anyway, today-Friday–Oscar voting closes at 5pm Pacific Time. A major, major actress (not in competition this year) told me she hadn’t voted because she hadn’t seen all the movies. Whoa! That’s not necessary. Write in the names of the movies you saw and liked, and send in that ballot today. It doesn’t matter if it’s one, three, five, or ten. Same with all categories. I had a similar conversation with  director. These are sensible people. But they’re taking the coward’s way out. Cast a vote for a movie or performance or work you loved. The finish line is coming…

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  1. No not at all. Just the opposite. They really only vote for what they’ve seen. That was the point. They don’t want to vote unless they’ve seen EVERYTHING. My advice was at least to vote for what they liked of what they HAD seen.

  2. Roger-

    You proved a suspicion of mine that I have long since held, that is, actors voting for performances they had never seen and likely going with bandwagon reviews and word of mouth from others. LOL

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