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Academy Award voters have one day more, as they sing in “Les Miserables,” to get their ballots in for nominations. Tomorrow, January 4th, 5pm, and it’s over until final round voting. Yes, it’s a mad dash for the last stack of DVDs you’ve avoided all through Christmas. Presumably, you’ve seen the major films, from “Les Miz” to “Silver Linings” to “Lincoln,” “Argo,” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” But what about “Compliance”? (Forget it.) “Bernie” (very funny, well done, but Indie Spirit Awards). “Skyfall” too commercial? Not at all. Javier Bardem over the top? Who isn’t? “Intouchables”? Face it, you loved it. “Django”? It’s great, don’t worry. And what about all these other DVDs? “The Deep Blue Sea,” for example. (In a different year, maybe.) Nicole Kidman? She was good, admit it. Robert DeNiro? Comeback! Actresses, not so easy after Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, and Marion Cotillard. Naomi Watts, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Rachel Weisz. Quick quick quick. If only we had another week! (PS Don’t forget Alan Arkin!)

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