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Over the holiday a private investigator no one’s ever heard of grabbed some cheap headlines by claiming that Whitney Houston was murdered last year. As we approach the one year anniversary of Whitney’s tragic death next month, let me reassure you: she was not murdered. There was no foul play. There may have been a lot of questionable judgments, and questionable people around her. But Whitney died as the police said, of drowning thanks to a heart attack brought on by her terrible cocaine addiction.

Just in case you’re wondering, an actual licensed detective and law enforcement person was on the scene that night. He was in the room shortly after Whitney died. And this is what he says to me, exclusively:

“I can only wonder what Mr. Huebl’s real motivation is by associating his name with the devastating loss of Whitney Houston after the fact. Planning on writing a book, sell a movie idea or just seeking fame, who knows. Hired by someone or not, if he had any respect for his former career in law enforcement he would turn over any intel he thinks he has valid or not to the BHPD. Let them vet the information to renew the investigation or involve federal authorities. It would have been the correct and ethical thing to do.

Considering the circumstances, everyone on the scene to include the paramedics, BHPD, coroner, hotel management and hotel security team provided the utmost dignity and professional support. The care taken in protecting the integrity of the investigation was skilled, cautious and through without self-hype.

With humility and heavy heart, I was there that night. Mr. Huebl’s is allowed his view of the world but really has no right to attach himself to this tragedy’s orbit.”

Indeed, unlike with some other celebrities, Whitney Houston was worth more alive than dead. Her death was the last thing anyone wanted, and there was nothing to gain by it. I shudder when I think of what happened to Whitney–her death is really a tragedy. But it was an accident, a confluence of the many bad things that had happened to her or she had brought to bear on herself. She will be in everyone’s thoughts this year at the Grammys, no doubt.

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  1. wouldn’t 1.5 million dollars in cocaine last one person a lifetime. i find this hard to believe. and i don’t think you should believe everything you hear.

  2. I ‘do believe Whitney was kiiled my dad has been saying for years the music industry is wicked and if you not strong enugh to survive they will bring you down after all, is all about money to these folks they will place things on the internet to try make peolpe believe think and believe that Whitney was not murdered but i know i not falling for it so you can not control my mind .I do believe and will always will believe she was murdered buy the music industry. Clive Davis knew Whitney was close to Ray Jay”s family and i do believe Ray Jay was her drug runner. Let see Mrs, Whitney wasn’t making any money for Clive she still owed him her music and voice just wasn’t the same.this is all about money to these folks , He did not care about Whitney and her drug problem he was one paying for her drugs dont believe do you , This all come out soon or later the light will shine on all these shady music industry folks, Take look at Alicia Keys sleeping a man that she knew for years this man was married she did not care that is how they roll in this industry.Jennifer Hudson now thinks she now take Whitney”s place this women do not how sing if hit in the mouth all she does is yell . I know Clive will try to again to sell Jennifer Hudson to the fans again remember Clive love money he worships money look at what he done T. L. C Clive D lied to them stole their money and gave them what he wanted, it is not just the music industry do not trust anyone so in this INDUSTRY , it is up to you to try stay strong connect with G.O.D . I do believe that Clive would love to replace Whitney but, that will never happen Jennifer will never never take Whitney”s place. Clive knew that she was on drugs the whole world knew ,He also knew just what Whitney liked that’s where Ray J comes in at ,Ray j was her runner boy he knew what Whitney was on drug hard and how much to give her to overdose . Brandy and Ray Jay is so fucked up remember this women lied about being married , and killed a family and car accident , her brother Ray is also fucked up he likes men and women he also drug user and you all know Clive Davis loves his self some dick these folk will have to answer to GOD……….. I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGANIST GAY’S !!!!


  4. pi is right 2 many varabiles in the autopsy. dont add up the hot tub water being face down , drugs like cocaine not found & then found. her voice was shot threathing 2 her career has a singer. concerts is how money is made so she would become a – rather than a +. not pasing exam 4 a face lift. no alchol but cocaine. table set 4 2 its all weird. some 1 lied or edited the truth

  5. I have a hard time believing Whitney owed anyone money as well, but i do believe indeed she was murder. But not by no drug dealers. I think it had to do with people on the industry. I think the PI was on to something just with the wrong people. I read her autopsy and it has foul play written all over it, but it would be easier to just say drugs was involved because that’s where her struggle was, but someone knows what happened to the greatest singer that ever walked this earth, and as her number one fan i will find out what happened to her. Even if it takes years i will seek justice for her because i know someone took her life.

  6. Saw the tv show with her and Bobby Brown…truck loads of money, starving for common sense…down home with losers. Watch how her kid goes down the drain, sooner rather than later as Bengazi Hillary’s “husband” would say!

  7. I saw her perform in Moscow in Dec 2009. She was phenomenal. She still had ‘The Voice’. Anyone who doesn’t believe me is free to cut and paste the following into Youtube:

    Whitney Houston – Medley (Moscow 09.12.2009)

    I’ll always miss and love her. RIP Whitney!

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