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The clock is ticking down on the Golden Globes show for January 13th on NBC. But who will perform? Among the music stars nominated for Best Song are Adele, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban. All three will have decisions to make because the Academy Awards won’t be so keen to have performers who’ve already exposed their artistry on what’s considered a less than rival program.

For Adele, it’s a bigger quandary than for the others. She hasn’t been on American TV since the Grammy Awards in February 2012. Her pregnancy curtailed the rest of her year. And yet she had the biggest album of the year coupled with a huge hit in the theme from “Skyfall.” Even though the song is nominated for z Golden Globe, Adele has to watch it: the Globes are to the Oscars what the American Music Awards are to the Grammys. And the latter doesn’t allow performers who’ve appeared in that year’s former. Will Adele chance not doing the Academy Awards? I should think not. If she’s smart, she’ll wait for the big show and skip the G’s.

Keith Urban and Taylor Swift have the same decisions, but with less impact. Their songs are not guaranteed Oscar nominees. Ironically, this year we’ll all know what is an Oscar nominee on Thursday before the Globes. I suppose any performer could pull out at the last minute on Thursday morning from the Globes show once they know if it’s a conflict with the Oscars. Urban’s song, “For You,” does seem like a cinch though, along with “Skyfall,” “Suddenly” from “Les Miz” and one or two others. Expect a lot of maneuvering with Golden Globe coordinators by 10am on January 10th, after the Oscar noms sink in.

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