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Meet Cynthia Jorge. Last April she was an assistant manager at some place called Benjamin Steakhouse on East 41st St. Today she’s on the cover of supermarket tabloid “Life & Style” for her “wild nights” with Tom Cruise. America is a dream come true! Cynthia was profiled on a website called JoonBug last April http://joonbug.com/national/firstcourse/Behind-the-Plate-with-Benjamin-Steakhouses-Cynthia-Jorge/H6hv6UxUFEL.

Not a trendy place. So now Cynthia’a at the very loud and buzzy Beauty and Essex on the Lower East Side. She’s not a waitress, kids. She’s a trained p.r. girl, with a degree in the subject. And that’s how she made it onto Page Six today after Tom Cruise “tracked her down” to dance with her at another nightclub.

The cynic here must raise an arched eyebrow. Our “Jack Reacher” star needs to dance with somebody; Cynthia sees an opportunity. He’s 50, she’s 26, and the numbers add up.

The next Mrs. Cruise? Why not? Read that Joonug piece: Cynthia was a vegetarian for 10 years before going to work for the steak house. She’s extremely adaptable.

Also, Cynthia wrote in 2007 on LinkedIn: “A former nightlife promoter, I am extremely outgoing, agile and comfortable in stressful situations.”

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  1. There was but its intent was not to support musicians. However. MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation would be perfect for Lester Chambers. They are in Los Angeles. Also, there is plenty of legal recourse for him. I do wonder why he waited so long to speak up–the Chambers Brothers should have been receiving royalties all these years. It sounds like he has a good patron now who can help him, however.

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