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UPDATE: Tom Cruise Has Lowest Opening Weekend Box Office Just About Ever


UPDATE: With the exception of the oddity called “Lions for Lambs,”  Tom Cruise has never had a lower opening weekend box office than with “Jack Reacher.” I’m counting here his movies that opened in more than 2,000 theatres. “Reacher”  took in just $15.6 million. That’s actually less than each of Cruise’s last two films, “Knight and Day” and “Valkyrie,” which were in similar size releases and– in the case of the lamentable “Valkyrie”– at Christmas as well. Those two releases opened in the $20 mil range.

You have to go back 20 years to “Far and Away” to find a Cruise opening weekend that made less money–$10 mil, only 1800 theaters. Is this a referendum for Cruise in non Mission Impossible vehicles? It’s definitely a wake up call. As I’ve said for years, his best shot at regaining a larger audience is to find a new “Jerry Maguire” role where he can woo the female audience with his infectious grin. He’s also going to have to get real with promotion– actual interviews, with real answers to questions. And maybe he’ll get the message that Scientology has helped destroy three marriages, and now, possibly, it imperils his career.

Earlier: The confluence of many things, starting with the Newtown, Connecticut killings and ending with Tom Cruise’s aversion to doing much personal publicity, has ended with a disappointing opening night for “Jack Reacher.” Playing in over 3,300 theaters, “Reacher” made only $5.1 million on Friday night.

That’s considerably less–a million dollars or so — than “Knight and Day” made in 2010 on its first Friday night. That movie went on to make just around $78 million.

Of course, the producers of “Jack Reacher” say it only cost $60 million. That’s ridiculous since Cruise gets $20 million off the top. And they spent a lot on international premieres, and canceled junkets. No matter– “Jack Reacher” didn’t cost just $40 million other than Cruise’s salary.

“Reacher” is a key referendum on Tom Cruise outside of “Mission Impossible” franchise. If it makes $15 million or less this weekend, that’s not a good sign. “Reacher” has been clobbered by the main critics. It’s also up against “The Hobbit”–which made twice as much money last night– as well as lingering and popular films like “Skyfall” and “Lincoln.” If a new Tom Cruise isn’t making much of a dent in the box office, that’s not good news.

Tomorrow we’ll see how the whole thing played out.

PS Good news: what no one’s talking about is that Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” has quietly cruised to $73 million very quickly. How nice! I thought this Pi might have been undercooked, but it’s not so. Could very well be a Best Picture nominee, along with Lincoln, Argo, Silver Linings, Django, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Les Miz, The Master, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and –hmmm– Amour?

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Date Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Rank
12/21/12 Jack Reacher Par. $15,600,000 3,352 $15,600,000 3,352 30
6/15/12 Rock of Ages WB (NL) $38,518,613 3,470 $14,437,269 3,470 25
12/16/11 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Par. $209,397,903 3,555 $12,785,204 425 3
6/23/10 Knight & Day Fox $76,423,035 3,104 $20,139,985 3,098 19
12/25/08 Valkyrie UA $83,077,833 2,838 $21,027,007 2,711 16
8/13/08 Tropic Thunder P/DW $110,515,313 3,473 $25,812,796 3,319
11/9/07 Lions for Lambs UA $15,002,854 2,216 $6,702,434 2,215 32
5/5/06 Mission: Impossible III Par. $134,029,801 4,059 $47,743,273 4,054 10
6/29/05 War of the Worlds Par. $234,280,354 3,910 $64,878,725 3,908 1
8/6/04 Collateral DW $101,005,703 3,205 $24,701,458 3,188 14
12/5/03 The Last Samurai WB $111,127,263 2,938 $24,271,354 2,908 12
7/26/02 Austin Powers in Goldmember
NL $213,307,889 3,613 $73,071,188 3,613
6/21/02 Minority Report Fox $132,072,926 3,001 $35,677,125 3,001 11
4/19/02 Space Station 3-D (IMAX)
Imax $86,738,386 64 $489,488 24
12/14/01 Vanilla Sky Par. $100,618,344 2,842 $25,015,518 2,742 15
5/24/00 Mission: Impossible II Par. $215,409,889 3,669 $57,845,297 3,653 2
12/17/99 Magnolia NL $22,455,976 1,086 $193,604 7 28
7/16/99 Eyes Wide Shut WB $55,691,208 2,483 $21,706,163 2,411 23
12/13/96 Jerry Maguire Sony $153,952,592 2,531 $17,084,296 2,531 8
5/22/96 Mission: Impossible Par. $180,981,856 3,012 $45,436,830 3,012 4
11/11/94 Interview with the Vampire WB $105,264,608 2,604 $36,389,705 2,604 13
7/2/93 The Firm Par. $158,348,367 2,393 $25,400,000 2,393 7
12/11/92 A Few Good Men Col. $141,340,178 2,201 $15,517,468 1,925 9
5/22/92 Far and Away Uni. $58,883,840 1,885 $10,194,520 1,583 22
6/29/90 Days of Thunder


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