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The Central Intelligence Agency has issued a statement about Kathryn Bigelow’s film “Zero Dark Thirty.” This must be a first. I can’t remember a time the austere CIA said anything about a Hollywood film. But they are not happy. Of course this will probably create more interest in Bigelow’s film about the hunt for and killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Acting Director Michael Morell’s statement follows. He also calls the deceased crazed killer “Usama.” We like “Osama.” (Tomato, Tomatto, let’s call the whole thing off!)


:I would not normally comment on a Hollywood film, but I think it important to put Zero Dark Thirty, which deals with one of the most significant achievements in our history, into some context.  The film, which premiered this week, addresses the successful hunt for Usama Bin Ladin that was the focus of incredibly dedicated men and women across our Agency, Intelligence Community, and military partners for many years.  But in doing so, the film takes significant artistic license, while portraying itself as being historically accurate.

What I want you to know is that Zero Dark Thirty is a dramatization, not a realistic portrayal of the facts.  CIA interacted with the filmmakers through our Office of Public Affairs but, as is true with any entertainment project with which we interact, we do not control the final product.

It would not be practical for me to walk through all the fiction in the film, but let me highlight a few aspects that particularly underscore the extent to which the film departs from reality.

  • First, the hunt for Usama Bin Ladin was a decade-long effort that depended on the selfless commitment of hundreds of officers.  The filmmakers attributed the actions of our entire Agency—and the broader Intelligence Community—to just a few individuals.  This may make for more compelling entertainment, but it does not reflect the facts.  The success of the May 1st 2011 operation was a team effort—and a very large team at that.
  • Second, the film creates the strong impression that the enhanced interrogation techniques that were part of our former detention and interrogation program were the key to finding Bin Ladin.  That impression is false.  As we have said before, the truth is that multiple streams of intelligence led CIA analysts to conclude that Bin Ladin was hiding in Abbottabad.  Some came from detainees subjected to enhanced techniques, but there were many other sources as well.  And, importantly, whether enhanced interrogation techniques were the only timely and effective way to obtain information from those detainees, as the film suggests, is a matter of debate that cannot and never will be definitively resolved.
  • Third, the film takes considerable liberties in its depiction of CIA personnel and their actions, including some who died while serving our country.  We cannot allow a Hollywood film to cloud our memory of them.

Commentators will have much to say about this film in the weeks ahead.  Through it all, I want you to remember that Zero Dark Thirty is not a documentary.  What you should also remember is that the Bin Ladin operation was a landmark achievement by our country, by our military, by our Intelligence Community, and by our Agency.

Michael Morell

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  1. What could be the best possible way to create buzzzzzz for a movie in this social and political climate?

    Float the rumor that the movie is based on the real (top secret) events as told to them by Navy Seals . . . . . . . .

    Did this really happen in this case? Or, is it just great marketing playing on a strongly divisive topic that will get people from all camps interested, regardless of their politcal views.

    The right winger wants to see this movie now because he admires the USNS and likes patriotic war movies since he first saw (pick an era) Guns of Navarone – The Thin Red Line – Saving Private Ryan.

    The lefties want to see it because the movie reveals govt secrets and represents the cinematic equivalent of wikileaks. Stick it to the man! What ever.

    The fact that the CIA does this disclaimer just pumps up the hype. The makers of this film really couldn’t buy any better kind of advertising.

    Or, did they?

  2. This kind of reminds me of the fictional piece developed by the CIA in the downing of TWA flight 800. While I don’t have room to list all the lies (the movie was sold to the American people as “the truth”), the CIA created a convoluted piece of fiction that defied the laws of physics, logic, observation, and concrete evidence. When 21 people see a missile rising toward and strike an aircraft, when exhaust residue from a missile is on the seatback covers of a row of seats, when the WH situation room first admitted “We hit a jet with a Navy missile,” when the FBI is caught red-handed secreting pieces of the plane out of the hanger at night, with the FBI and CIA both usurp the NTSB in the investigation, well, then you have the makings of a cover-up… a fiction.

    It’s odd that the CIA would get involved at all with the movie industry unless someone was concerned with their image. Imaging-making is the heart of politics. Hmmmm. Wanna-be celebrity wanna-be cult hero, wanna-be human being… hmmmm. I don’t know about you, but this smells like BO.

  3. Hollyweird is just trying to CASH IN .. they don’t care about anything except themselves and their bottom line.. they like accolades from the stupid people who suck up their swill, and they live in a pretend world where they are bigger than life and ‘real’, or ‘noble’ … not by a long shot, they are creeps (for the most part, anyway), who would sell their children for their vain glory… like those who pay for their children to have sex change operations, while the world throws up. Creeps.

  4. I see this story is linked to from Drudge, so I’m gonna try to beat everybody else to the punch by saying:

    Obama is Satan!
    Obama has a funny (foreign sounding) name!
    Obama is Osama Bin Laden!
    OBL was killed years earlier, and the operation described in this movie is a giant conspiracy to get Obama reelected.
    Everything I don’t agree with is a massive gubmint conspiracy!!!!!!

  5. I want to know what the former CIA operative Jose Rodriguez has to say about the movie. Him, I’ll believe. Not John McCain or any Democrat and especially not a current member of the CIA. So far, based on who is complaining about the movie, I tend to believe that it is accurate.

  6. Ha, Ha, so Al-CIA-Duh doesn’t like their given image.

    CIA are used as useful idiots, the tools of bankers.
    The worst part about it is that we pay for these corrupt tools
    with our own tax money (i.e. labor).


    1. “Exempt income” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)
    Legal defintion, codified, i.e. there’s only one.

    2. “Income that is not” – 26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)
    List of taxable income.

    SOURCE: Electronic code of federal regulations

    According to U.S. Income tax law, MOST income is exempt (i.e. not taxable), while very LITTLE income is not exempt (i.e. taxable).

  7. Obama’s life is fabrication and a lie, and he directs the CIA to ‘dis this movie? The CIA did not take out Bin Laden, the United States did. It was actually the Navy SEAL’s that killed him, remember?

  8. So when was the last review that defended the US military to the same degree that the CIA is whitewashed? Clueless, but that is what we have come to assume from Hollywood from either side of the camera. I can hardly wait for the “Petraeus Betrayed” film and reviews; of course it will be with some artistic license unless Petraeus is president by then. Hohoho!

  9. I applaud yr efforts to counter the Hollywierd ‘artistic license’ with some rational content… my four years of Army service were directed by NSA, as I served on the NorK DMZ during the USS Pueblo crisis, and I concur yr analysis that the ‘Public Image of What Happened’ differed significantly from ‘What Happened’

  10. Oh noes! A movie that isn’t realistic?!?! What’s next Hollywood? Are you gonna tell us that Scooby and the gang aren’t solving real mysteries? No movie is realistic, and the fact that a govt intelligence agency even bothered to comment shows us that this movie may have hit a little close to home for the CIAs comfort.

  11. Hello so the film struck a nerve did it? Not surprisingly, as it shows that waterboarding WORKED – it proves that waterboarding yielded the information about the courier that was the lead we’d been waiting for for ten years!!! Clinton missed four opportunities to get Bin Laden because he was busy with Monica Lewinsky’s thongs.
    She’s a very brave woman to make this film. Can’t wait to see it. Shall make sure it is the only film I shall see as I am boycotting the rest of Hollywierd and their films until they PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE and not, as does Michael Moore, run off to other countries to make their movies cheaper and avoiding taxation.

  12. I was looking forward to seeing this movie. After several reviews, I will not bother. If what has been written is correct, the movie makes a political statement about water boarding…enough to inflame they mysterious protesters Susan Wheat spoke about. Great way to show the love of your country, Ms. Bigelow! Pi&& off the mooseleems. Let’s see if we can inspire an act of retaliation since mooseleems and their religion of peace are doing good deed about the world. Just ask Mrs. Arafat how much of the moolah she and her husband collected from the impoverished Palistinians to afforded them a grand home in Paris. Ms. Bigelow, I loved The Hurt Locker but you’ve gone too far in biting the hard that feeds you and the country that allows you free speech.

  13. Hollywood as no clue about terrorist outside of their litle world of make beleive,sadly that is the way democrats govern,make beleive……………
    Thank you for the CIA to take thoses moran to task…to the real world.

  14. You tell us it isn’t how it happened. You tell us it isn’t true. What you don’t tell us is what part is not true. Now I REALLY want to go see it!

  15. If they are commenting on something as trivial as a movie, then it obviously shows the gov’t disagrees with it. Is this what the CIA uses taxpayer money for? Critiquing a movie?

  16. To whom it may concern [ NCIS PRODUCTION STAFF ]

    This passed month I watched CSI VEGAS it was a story ,that paralleled the death of DCI William Colby in April ,1996 ,not much back story . Colby’s last days ,the actual story had more intrigue. They say truth is stranger then fiction . Plot for NCIS script idea ,to follow , in latter paragraphs.
    Colby did have a Whitewater connection. For the past two years, he had been a contributing editor with a monthly financial newsletter, Strategic Investment. Co-edited by James Dale Davidson and former Times of London editor Lord William Rees Mogg, Strategic is read by more than 100,000 subscribers worldwide and has been closely monitoring the Whitewater scandal.
    Davidson has written in the newsletter that Vincent Foster, former White House deputy counsel, was murdered and that significant evidence links the Clintons to drug trafficking, murder and organized crime in their home state of Arkansas. Foster was found shot to death more than two years ago in Fort Marcy Park near Washington, D.C.
    The Weekend. The Fiske Report describes as “coincidence” that Mr. and Mrs. Foster were spending the weekend at the Tidewater Inn on the Eastern Shore of Maryland when Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell were staying fifteen minutes away with Nathan Landow and his son-in-law Michael Cardozo. (Mr. and Mrs. Cardozo in separate interviews reportedly told the Washington Post that the weekend had been planned for more than a week.) Mr. Cardozo had been Deputy White House Counsel in the Carter Administration, the same position that Mr. Foster held at the White House. Mr. Cardozo had also had spent four months at the DOJ during the early days of the Clinton Administration.
    Back in the late 1990’s another show, CBS ‘s “Michael Hayes” skirted actual political intrigue ,first .
    Monday, June 8, CBS became the first of the big three television networks to address key facts about Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s death, a story first reported by Christopher Ruddy in The Pittsburgh Tribune Review last December. The account was offered in the season’s concluding episode of “Michael Hayes”, a prime time series starring David Caruso (formerly of “NYPD Blue”). The episode so closely paralleled Ruddy’s report that it could have been a virtual docu-drama had not CBS decided to drop Brown’s name from the production. A CBS source said writers for “Michael Hayes” recently began drawing on real life news events for its plot lines.
    Though the episode centered around the plane crash death of fictional Under Secretary of State Margaret Wells, a “Michael Hayes” production assistant told the Washington Weekly that the original script named Brown specifically – but that the name was changed when CBS higher ups “negated” the idea.

    SCRIPT IDEA :” Story opens when a retiring admiral is found dead in his car ,of an apparent suicide ,only many years before, a close friend and mentor also committed suicide . Questions about the suicides quickly arise ,when an old three and a half inch floppy is found taped under the dash of his car . It contains information covering the crash of T-34 plane, caring a commerce team to Croatia .Info surrounds a gray OH-58 D copter
    and Special Projects cleaning team ,from Harvey Point ,North Carolina . They were there to make sure the accident went well . The tape was given to the retired admiral ,by Admiral Dorba’s wife in April of 1996. The Admiral had committed suicide ,over being exposed ,for warring a ribbon ,not awarded to him . The team is now getting equerries , about any info connected to the death . You see it was rumored ,he was in the process of writing a tell all book, when he retired . And now the OSI , AI ,NSA ,DIA and the CIA all want to take over the investigation . But Gibbs says no ,as usual the team hits obstacles. Magee is almost bitten by a microbot insect ,equipped with vidcam , and a potassium accelerator tipped needle . Which almost stopped him from breaking the encryption on the disk ,the disk and his computer are confiscated. Who is behind the incident ? Is it the elite world echelon intelligence military complex ,trying to control world out comes .” It seems that national security prevails!!
    Near fiction has more intrigue ,even with disclaimers . More reported articles follow .

    In his first report, Ruddy named Kathleen Janoski, who at the time was chief of forensic photography, navy, for the AFIP, as the first to notice Brown’s wound. “Wow”, she reportedly exclaimed while photographing the body, “That looks like a bullet hole.” Janoski later alleged that x-rays of Brown’s head were purposely destroyed, though not before she had photographed them while testing out her new camera. Cogswell and Janoski were soon joined by two more senior military doctors, both of whom echoed their recommendation that Ron Brown should have been autopsied.
    Janoski and Cogswell have suffered job related retaliation as a result of their efforts to blow the whistle on the Ron Brown cover-up. Network news divisions have embargoed the facts of the case thus far, leaving the public in the dark about what could be the most explosive scandal in American history.
    In the CBS version, U.S. Attorney Michael Hayes becomes suspicious about Under Secretary Wells’ death after his brother dies in a cult suicide along with two other people peripherally connected to Wells’ plane crash. He summons his staff to discuss the case. The Ron Brown parallel becomes apparent as one aide observes, “It’s no secret that Wells was being investigated for raising campaign funds illegally, for bribery.” Another notes, “There was an election around the corner. Her death could help a lot of people – save a lot of embarrassment.” At this point Hayes orders his staff to begin digging into Wells’ death.

    One source of information turns out to be a woman military officer who is debriefed by investigators in Hayes’ office. The dialogue re-traces key aspects of Ruddy’s reports point for point:

    INVESTIGATOR: Thank you very much for coming.

    OFFICER: Hey, I’m probably better off away from the hospital anyway. I heard they shipped that forensic photographer off to Timbuktu.

    INVESTIGATOR: Why would they do that?

    OFFICER: Because she found what she called an unusual wound in Margaret Wells’

    INVESTIGATOR: What kind of wound?

    OFFICER: A half inch circular hole beveling inwards.

    INVESTIGATOR: A bullet?

    OFFICER: Sounds like it.

    INVESTIGATOR: Well, what did the autopsy say?

    OFFICER: What autopsy? They didn’t do one. They did, however, take x-rays of her skull.

    INVESTIGATOR: Well – was she shot?

    OFFICER: Turns out those little suckers were misplaced. And no one seems to know – or care what happened to them.
    The Ron Brown parallel grows even more stark as another investigator with Hayes’ office interviews one government source familiar with the “Wells” crash investigation.

    SOURCE: Air Force Boeing 737’s just don’t go down…. The pilot of the Wells plane had over 3,000 flight hours. His co-pilot had more – in the same plane. Do they sound like the kind of people who commit gross pilot error?

    INVESTIGATOR: Is that how the NTSB classified it?
    While newsrooms pretend that any evidence of a real-life Brown cover-up is too bizarre to be taken seriously, CBS’s “fictional” presentation of the same information made for some devastatingly plausible drama. And lest anyone missed the Clinton connection, “Hayes” writers had this line delivered by David Caruso himself: “It’s one thing to dodge the accusations of a kiss and tell intern. It’s quite another to have corruption in your Cabinet and commit murder to cover it up.”

    How did the producers of “Michael Hayes” get away with airing so much embargoed information about the Brown case? “Hayes” production assistant Dave Rapp told the Washington Weekly that everyone on the set, including Caruso, well understood that the story they were telling was Ron Brown’s. Says Rapp:

    “I knew because our original version, our original drafts did refer specifically to Ron Brown. I’m sure, though I don’t know specifically, that the first version was negated by
    CBS people who fictionalized it.”

    The “Michael Hayes” show ends as the central character comes to the conclusion that a high ranking government official–a Cabinet member–was murdered for political reasons. Hayes turns to a bust of Lincoln that he keeps in his office and laments: “It’s not our country anymore, Mr. President.” This is a sentiment not unfamiliar to those who have witnessed six years worth of White House criminality with no justice in sight. Hayes finally resigns from his job under pressure. In the final scene, Michael Hayes is viewed through the crosshairs of a rifle scope.

    CBS has canceled “Michael Hayes.” One more new episode, filmed before this season ender, will be broadcast in the weeks to come.

    There are many people in America who believe that Ron Brown’s death was all too convenient for Bill Clinton, that, had he lived, the testimony he would have been required to give, the focus of investigation on his activities would have brought down Bill Clinton. Many people think that the plane crash in which he perished was not an accident. What do you think?
    LARRY KLAYMAN: Well, I think it wasn’t an accident either, but, what is unfortunate is that you need an investigative agency like the Justice Department and the FBI to really look into it and find out what happened.
    Chinagate witness Johnny Chung has recently come to after he himself experienced death threats from Chinese agents. Chung was deposed on Monday by Judicial Watch, which debuted the videotaped testimony on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity and Colmes” Thursday night…. Chung’s startling comments on Brown’s death were made under direct questioning by Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman: KLAYMAN: The question was, when you learned of the death of Ron Brown, did you think that maybe China would send somebody to kill him, too? CHUNG: No. No. Not in my mind that week [when Brown died]. KLAYMAN: Have you since changed your view of that — that perhaps that was a possibility? CHUNG: I sense there’s a possibility he know too many things. And so, something happened to him.
    (April 3, 1996) – letter to Congress James W Nugent, Pres The Wall Street Underground – “…Crash site, 7:20 P.M.: Four hours and 20 minutes after the crash, the first Croatian Special Forces search party arrives on the scene and finds only Ms. Kelly surviving. They call for a helicopter to evacuate her to the hospital. When it arrives, she is able to get aboard without assistance from the medics. But Kelly never completes the short hop. She dies enroute. According to multiple reports given to journalist/editor Joe L. Jordan, an autopsy later reveals a neat three-inch incision over her main femoral artery. It also shows that the incision came at least three hours after all her other cuts and bruises….

    In April of 1996 Secretary Ron Brown died in a tragic airplane crash while visiting the former Yugoslavia. Several important US businessmen died with him on that rugged mountainside in Europe. The death of the Secretary came as a blow to the White House
    and to the criminal investigations of Ron Brown’s Commerce Dept. It was well known
    that a Special Prosecutor was preparing heavy evidence of corruption. Mr. Brown’s death stopped that part of investigation just before the 1996 election.

    The wound, which was documented and photographed in a medical examination at Dover, Del., was “as close to a perfectly circular hole as you can get” in the skull, he said. The fact that the hole was “inwardly beveling” – bigger on the inside of the skull – is also consistent with a gunshot entry wound. Cogswell also cited as evidence of a possible gunshot an initial X-ray that suggested small metal fragments inside Brown’s head. The pathologist said the fragments could be what pathologists sometimes call a “lead snowstorm” pattern from a disintegrating bullet.
    The Air Force later concluded the plane was 10 degrees off course as a result of its pilots using improper navigation aids and ground beacons. Questions about the ground beacons were never fully resolved. According to the Air Force report, within days of the crash the maintenance chief for Dubrovnik’s airport, Niko Junik, was found dead by gunshot, an apparent suicide.
    Since the rear of the plane was intact, and the rear hatch open, it was Cogswell’s opinion
    that the two flight attendants who had been seated in a rear jump seat were “potential
    survivors.” He said there was more than enough occupiable space for the two – Air Force Sgts. Shelley Kelly and Cheryl Turnage – to have lived. Items in the plane would have
    been thrown forward and should not have hit them, and the G-forces of deceleration were relatively low. In fact, Kelly did survive for several hours and was found alive by Croatian rescuers. “Depending on who you talked to, Kelly was found near her seat, on the floor of the plane or outside the plane,” Cogswell recalled. Croatian rescuers said she died while being transported for medical assistance. Autopsies conducted at Dover indicate Kelly died of a broken neck, and Turnage of “multiple blunt force injuries.”
    While AFIP can’t order autopsies of civilian victims, it usually seeks authorization from families to do so. In this case, “people were very reluctant to go ask the families” to conduct autopsies, Gormley told the Tribune-Review. He said Brown’s status as a Cabinet member did not mean AFIP could order an autopsy. Others disagree, considering what investigators at Dover discovered.
    “Croatia, second body off the truck.” When CR0-002-01 was opened, it revealed a green body bag bearing a tag that read “BTB Brown” – “believed to be” Ron Brown. That identification would be confirmed by fingerprints.
    Ron Brown died 3 April ,1996 ,was scheduled to be in court the next week. William Colby, was probably investigating Brown now, since his Foster investigation had gotten cold, he died on 28 April ,1996 , “a canoe accident “. Admiral Jeremy Boorda’s supposed suicide happened the 16 May, 1996 . His involvement in the Balkans gave him insight on what really happened on April 3 ,1996 .

    Prior to becoming CNO, Boorda was CINCSOUTH, and thus had oversight responsibilty for operations involving the Balkans, to include enforcement of the ‘no-fly’ zone, and also the UN/NATO arms embargo. However, LOTS of weapons, ammunition, etc, etc. actually did flow into Bosnia for the benefit of the Bosinan Muslims, and Boorda was chief coordinator for that. This was in violation of all treaties, etc, and the only person that could have ordered or ‘encouraged’ such activity was President Clinton.

    In return for these efforts, Boorda was ‘rewarded’ with the position of CNO. This operation was designed to improve the US position as a ‘honest broker’ in the Middle East, esp. as regards the Arab-Israeli conflict, which had been an ongoing policy strategy for about 30 years (but up until then, of only limited success). However, Boorda didn’t cover his tracks very well, and there were a number of investigators that were on the trail that could only lead to him, and ultimately back to the White House (both NATO, and news reporters). And this occurring during an election year (1996), was considered an intolerable threat to the Administration. To deal with this, a bogus ‘investigation’ was created regarding a couple ‘V’ devices on medals from Vietnam service that allegedly Boorda was not authorized to wear. Of course, every serviceman knows exactly what he or she is authorized to wear, and everyone else knows it too (every serviceman has an official photo in full uniform with all medals and appurtenances that must remain current, and is included with all promotion board paperwork for review by the board. Trust me, the Board reviews these photos and everything else very carefully each and every time!)!
    After the ‘suicide’ it was revealed that in fact, Boorda was authorized to wear those
    medals, and certainly he would have been well-aware of that fact, and this was confirmed by his former commanding officer as well. However, two years later, a subsequent inquiry
    into his paperwork and request for correction by one of Boorda’s sons resulted in a suddenly quite different result (read: boards.law.af.mil…
    The day of his ‘suicide,’ Boorda was visited by ‘Navy Officials’ including Rear Adm. Kendell Pease (special head of Public Affairs for the Navy) in the hour before his death, and subsequently, Boorda supposedly shot himself in the chest (which is an awkward way to shoot yourself, as against simply putting a gun to your head or mouth; try it and see with a toy gun) after writing two suicide notes. The gun was a .38 owned by his son-in-law, but how the pistol came into his possession is a mystery. The autopsy has never been released, nor have the contents of the two ‘suicide notes,’ and the paperwork and records involving his medal awards have subsequently been altered significantly. The late Admiral Boorda has a number of sons and son-in-laws now in service, and not surprisingly, no further inquiries from the Boorda family have been launched into the matter.

    These articles still have many unanswered questions , I guess we will never know what really happened .


    PS Did Magee have time to make a copy to a flash drive?
    Was Leon suspended for letting the team proceed ?
    And was there any other copies in existence ?

  17. People forget that the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” was put in place by the Bush Administration and anyone; military, law enforcement or civilian could carry out the directive. So it certainly wasn’t just the current staff but a matter of the right circumstances.

  18. Mr. Morrell has reinforced a stereotype I’ve long held. The admin types at Langley are just another bunch of pencil-necked, humorless, self-stroking bureaucrats like one might find in the IRS.

  19. Fact is Obama wanted to win reelection so he put info out there to make him look like a God. I feel bad for all those workers who helped get Bin Laden quetly. A true leader wouldn’t have created the drama Obama has with this issue

  20. Re: “most significant achievements in our history”
    Let’s make sure this clueless reporter is not saying that Obama should take credit for this—The capture of OBL would have gone down, no matter who was President. It was long in the works, the intelligence was long in process, before this President was in office. That he approved it is to his credit, but he had no hand in it, otherwise. Any President would have approved it.

  21. CIA has a known history of lies and illegal activities – you can not say they were good as the CIA made there own rules and answered to no one. Osama was dead for years and we all know that – and the farmer hauled another load away.

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