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Tom Cruise really owes one to David Letterman. On last night’s show, Cruise appeared in three segments to promote “Jack Reacher.” This what was discussed: almost nothing. Indeed, Letterman was forced to talk at length about his young son, Harry, to make a connection with Cruise. Tom chatted for most of the show about his son, Connor, who’s 17, a deejay and an “actor.” (There’s never a mention about graduating from high school or going to college.)

There was a discussion of muscle cars, and a short clip from the movie showing a car chase. No talk of the movie’s actual content, premieres being cancelled, Cruise’s other children, his life, or anything beyond some tremendous guffawing. In fact it was the most guffawing since the days of Ed McMahon.

Tom used the word ‘analog’ twice–once to describe Jack Reacher, the other to describe the car chase. Even though it was all digital. ‘Analog’ is the word of the week. If he’d been on with Groucho Marx, there would have been a prize.

Hey: maybe they don’t need much publicity. “Jack Reacher” is at 80% this morning on rottentomatoes.com. Cruise hits Jimmy Fallon tonight for more laughs. And then “Jack Reacher” is in the hands of the gods.

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  1. Tom Cruise is an ACTOR….PERIOD! He owes you nothing, other than his excellent performances in all his years making movies (sometimes at foolish highly dangerous risk). As a guest on a show, he responds to that which the Host chooses. David Letterman was never a good interviewer, nor a person one would respect. That being said, a 10 second flash of aTom Cruise film is worth all the silly banter a moderator leads into discussion. What that has to do with Tom’s great acting skills is beyond important and a waste of your opinion. Tom is a fine, generous, and talented individual. Go see his latest film. Have fun, doing so. PS Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon interview.?…it was a riot….!

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