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Tonight Paul McCartney, representing the Beatles, tries to checkmate the Rolling Stones in a very clever chess move in a debate that has lasted 50 years. While the Stones appear in their final show of their “50 and Counting” four episode tour with a massive Pay Per View guest-star laden concert, McCartney is the musical act on “Saturday Night Live.” The PPV costs $39.99.

I announced this Stones show back on October 5th, and it was officially confirmed on October 15th. http://www.showbiz411.com/2012/10/05/exclusive-rolling-stones-will-play-prudential-center-in-newark The Stones are getting $25 million for the four shows–two in London, one in Brooklyn and this one. Tonight Bruce Springsteen with the E Street Band, Lady Gaga, the Black Keys and long time Stones guitarist (not bassist) Mick Taylor will join the band on stage. The show kicks off at 9pm Eastern, and should be ending as it overlaps with “SNL.”

McCartney was announced just on November 27th.  He has nothing to promote and no particular reason to appear on “SNL” right now–except to try and draw fans away from the Stones show. His last album, “Kisses on the Bottom,” came out last winter. And his own mini-tour through Canada is over. It’s not like he’s doing it because he happens to be in New York. He lives here and is in New York regularly.

But old feuds die hard, even when you were told they never existed. In interviews after their heyday ended, both McCartney and Jagger said they timed their record releases so they never came out at the same time. But the Beatles vs. Stones debates are like the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, or Taylor Swift vs. Justin Bieber. It’s a timeless debate. And McCartney is extremely shrewd. He does very little by accident or coincidence. What would be extra hilarious: if he performed “I Wanna Be Your Man.” which he wrote with John Lennon and the Stones covered it in 1964 when they were starting out. The Stones have performed the song in the last three shows.

So who will you watch? McCartney/Beatles or the Stones? And think of the late night after parties–McCartney with the “SNL” cast, and the Stones and their celebrity guests. Apocalypse now.

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  1. It’s hard to believe that either Paul or Mick/Keef and the boys would sit around and dream up antics like you propose to “checkmate” each other. Even if they did still feel some sense of competition, word is out that people these days have Tivos and DVR’s. Nobody has to choose between them!

  2. I have seen the Stones several times thru the year. As time goes by I keep waiting for them to lay an egg. Surely this will be scary, seeing that they are 70 years old. Probably collecting one last pay day. But nope, this performance was as good and in places better than ever. How does this man do it? Running and dancing and bellowing out high energy rock and roll for 2 hrs 15 mins. Amazing. The Gaga was very good, matching Mick in Stage presence. Watching Mick and the Boss sing together was epic. And Midnight Rambler with Mick Taylor stole the show. Worth every penny for sure

  3. Just saw the concert on ppv, wow, wow, wow, and watching the end of SNL with Sir Paul. The Rolling Stones concert was an EPIC concert, saw them twice in person once in Chicago’s old Soldiers Field and the Silver Dome in Pontiac, MI three decades ago. Tonight’s concert was an homage to the previous tours – bravo to the Stones and Mick Jagger!!!!! Worth every cent!!!! Would have paid two or three times as much to see the on ppv!!!!! Lady Gaga was overwhelmingly GREAT! Saw here in Palm Spring’s White Party as she was about to break out BIG in Spring of 2009!!!!! Great pairing of “old” and “new”, Stones passing the torch, as with Black Keys, a las old school Chicago Blues, which I am from, I am from Chicago and live here now, please see PBS’s Rolling Stones Visit Checkboard Lounge 1982 Jam Sesssion, great video tape, a must see for all who love the “Stones”. Long LIVE the Rolling Stones!!!!!

    Ed in Chicago

  4. just watched him do his 2nd tune-the HARDEST I’ve seen him rock out in a while…perhaps ever…looked like Grohl on drums, didn’t recognize the other 2..
    it sure wasn’t ‘Hey Jude’

    and it looked like Walsh(??) on acoustic on the 1st tune

  5. McCartney has nothing to promote and no particular reason to appear on “SNL” right now–except to try and draw fans away from the Stones show

    where did u come up with this warped anaysis????

  6. I will be watching Macca (Paul McCartney) for sure he can still sing and truly loves it, a real icon that nobody can match. His band is great and has a library of classic songs to choose from. Go Macca Go!

  7. Sir: Do you really think Mick Taylor was the Stones’ bassist? Taylor was, and is, a guitarist. The Stones’ “longtime bassist” was Bill Wyman. Feel free to kill this comment once you make the correction! I won’t tell anyone.

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