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Thanks to the Union Leader in New Hampshire, we have some real reporting: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20121214/NEWS03/121219461/0/news0605. The Lanza family is from New Hampshire. Nancy Lanza’s maiden name is Champion. Her brother is a police officer. The AP managed to interview Nancy Lanza’s mother, now living in Florida. According to the Union Leader: “The killer’s parents, Peter J. and Nancy (Champion) Lanza, lived on Depot Road in Kingston on property that had been in Nancy Lanza’s family for decades. Records at the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds show that Nancy Lanza acquired the Depot Road property from her mother, Dorothy (Champion) Hanson in 1987.”

I will write and/or post a few things about this terrible tragedy even though it’s not about showbusiness. I am from Fairfield County; the Sandy Hook school is almost a straight line north about twenty miles from my family’s home. We have often traveled that route.  The school psychologist who died, a hero, lives in the town in which I grew up. This is the kind of thing we think only happens in Colorado or some distant place. Now the monstrosity of a huge shooting has arrived quite literally in our backyards. It’s unacceptable that this occurs once a week in the United States at different levels of insanity. When I lived in Fairfield County full time, mass shootings were certainly not what children had to adapt to. There’s no reason why they should be now.

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  1. Newton was always a place where the mental institution was. It had a stigma about it. You belong in Newton is what I use to hear growing up. I believe that Adam Lanza was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. I blame the mental health community for not getting this kid proper treatment, instutionalized or both.

  2. Tell me people think that a woman possessing this type of weaponry is normal. Her sister-in-law said she was “getting ready”. Obviously she was a paranoid person and someone should have realized how sick both her and her son was.

  3. MY heart goes out to everyone involved. Maybe this by felt like his mom was always giving to these young innocent children and he felt it would be better that he kills her and those beautiful children so that he is out of his misery. He was a very sick boy. Why can’t we just live in a peaceful world.

    We should not live in denial with what god gave us…Please everyone…pray for each other .

    Rest in peace!

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