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Tom Cruise? While seemingly every movie star with a new film is out doing publicity this month, Cruise is almost completely invisible. His “Jack Reacher” opens on December 21st, but you almost wouldn’t know it from what’s been done for it so far. Cruise hasn’t been on any TV shows at all, and doesn’t plan very much.

He’s going to do exactly two interviews next week– one with Jimmy Fallon, the other with David Letterman. They will each be comedy gags, and there will be the showing of a clip. If anecdotes are told, they will be scripted and about falling off buildings. Nothing personal.

“Jack Reacher” will also not have a Hollywood red carpet or a New York premiere. So far, Cruise and Paramount have limited “Reacher” PR to London and Stockholm. In the US, they will go to this country’s version of Stockholm–Pittsburgh. The hope is that no media person in Pittsburgh will dare to ask Cruise about Katie Holmes, or Scientology.

As for the actual movie: Rotten Tomatoes lists 7 reviews. Six are favorable. One, from Variety. is decidedly not. There have been almost no screenings of “Jack Reacher” here. The big public screening is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 19th, two days before release. The feeling is, if people don’t like it, there won’t be much time to convey that.

And Tom Cruise? We don’t see him up close very often. But pictures speak a thousand words. And he’s looking extremely refreshed in the photos from London. Good for him! Aging backwards– we can call him Tom Buttons!

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  1. Yes… he does look amazing as always. How does he do that? I admire him on so many levels. He is so hardworking and good to people. He has great inner strength and is willing to go above and beyond in his roles and in his life. The only reason I can think of for all the negativity out there is sheer jealousy. What a dangerous thing! I guess the fear of this kind of scrutiny could keep hordes of people from sticking their neck out… like cattle controlled by the prodding.

  2. Tom Cruise has NO BUSINESS playing the role of Jack Reacher. The fact that he took that role just shows the endless bounds of his megalomania. He is a munchkin who has no business playing a character who is 6’5″ and 230lbs.

    Tom Cruise is over. He is ***NOT*** Jack Reacher. Asshole.

  3. American media is a bunch of losers,, they don’t know who is their real stars are, out of America Hollywood is known as Tom cruise, johnny depp, all the rest stars are depend on good movies,, these two are the genuine superstars, out of these two Tom is the clear winner with his variety of films, probably the greatest superstar modern days, sadly people don’t appreciate that,

  4. Yes, he was here in Stockholm for some reason… said hello to some fans and visited a night club.

    Wonder why they don’t do more PR for the film? Yes, he comes across as a scientology nutcase, but he hasn’t committed murder, and since they did make the film, why not go for it?

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