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Exclusive: Tonya Pinkins, the former star of “All My Children” and Tony award winner for Broadway’s “Jelly’s Last Jam” knows all about the mother of murdered 31 year old Brandon Woodard. “We’ve been waiting for something like this,” Pinkins told me this morning about Woodard. Pinkins has been in court and legal battles with Woodard’s mother Sandra McBeth Reynolds for years over what Pinkins calls McBeth Reynolds’  “family’s crimes.”

When I called Pinkins this morning she was unaware of the headline making story: that Woodard had been shot dead yesterday in midtown Manhattan in what looks to be an execution style murder.  But she wasn’t surprised.

Pinkins told me: “I’ve been trying to get the FBI, the US attorney to do something about this family for five years.” She says McBeth, now McBeth Reynolds– currently married to Pinkins’s ex and the father of her 16 year old daughter– has been a “big Black Collar criminal. She’s connected to judges, in my experience with her.” Pinkins says that in the past Woodard has allegedly forged all kinds of documents, and that “she’s been caught at it in court, and nothing’s happened to her.”

Pinkins says that McBeth and her prior husband, James Reynolds, have had a years long feud since 2006 that involves $30 million that is now “gone.” Pinkins says McBeth’s current husband– who is Pinkins’ ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, is an attorney with legal and substance abuse problems. “Sandra cashed my child support checks that he supposedly sent to me. I have copies of all the receipts and her signature,” Pinkins says.

Pinkins’ ex lover, Rodney David Wellington, was a lawyer who was disbarred in 2006. He also suffered from substance abuse. But he and McBeth Reynolds now have custody of his and Pinkins’ 16 year old daughter. http://www.iardc.org/05RT3001HB.HTML

It was Pinkins who put up the website, www.sandramcbeth.info. She says McBeth sued her over the website. “We went to trial for two days.” Ultimately the case was thrown out because the information on the website was all derived from public records, Pinkins said. (Pinkins herself has had a tortured past with ex husbands, children and custody issues: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/02/theater/theater-the-trials-of-tonya-pinkins.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm)

McBeth has countered with her own website: http://sandrakaymcbeth.wordpress.com/

Pinkins says murdered Brandon Woodard’s name is on documents created by his mother on various loans and mortgages. “She would sell properties to Brandon and then he would default on them.” Pinkins says she has a mound of paperwork with McBeth and Woodard’s names, a complicated paper trail. “The number of people they burned, and people who lost their homes, is huge. Their enemies list is huge.”




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  1. Thank you Tanya for you comments. What you have said does not prevent thiscfamily from mourning. Very often the truth hurts. If the alleged mortgage scams are true think of those who have been hurt and are still hurting.

  2. L A W D!!! We must do better…Greed, Sex, Jealousy, Racism, Drugs and Rock n Roll will be the end of us all. This is just sad. I am totally speechless. GOD tries to get your attention, and when he can’t get you privately, he will get your attention publicly!
    I hope the murderer is apprehended, and brought to justice. This was absolutely senseless.

  3. This is certainly a better sounding motive than what is being painted about the young man. It appears that the NYPD wants to paint him as a drug mule so – I’m happy that this sister took the time to share this background information. It didn’t make sense that his mom would have all of this money, that he would spend the night in an $850 dollar per night suite and all for a drug mule? Didn’t make sense. The media are eager to paint a picture of this young Black man with drugs somehow being responsible for the hit. This information may assist the NYPD in finding out exactly why this hit was made. RIP – Mr. Brandon Woodard.

  4. No one walks up to a person in broad daylight and shoots them in the back of the head. It is clear this was a hit. The guy walked back to the car and the driver drove off quietly. Scary. I believe she is telling the truth. People have been killed for alot less.

  5. Don’t pick on the mother of the scumbag because if you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all, your kidding me right??? This is the internet not a meeting at your local church, if your so thinned skinned that you find words offensive then you have no business being here.

  6. If the family wasn’t so sheisty, ol’ boy would still be alive. The soap opera lady is just putting the truth in the air………perhaps because they stole 30 million dollars from her, giving her 30 million reasons to say f_ck ’em.

  7. @pix11, why don’t you lay off this woman. If this family has lived like this than just maybe the son got caught in the crossfire. He was31 years old and at least 21 for the past 10 years. He was responsible for what ever part he played in hurting this woman.

  8. I’m with Loffended on this, My goodness Ms.Pinkins your energy / ora is so grey ; Issues we all have, the fact that you can take this opportunity to gloat & point fingers is extremely unbecomming of you & perhaps your 16yrs old daughter is better off with her father..My condolences to the Woodard/McBeth family. Ms.Frances

  9. Loffended,

    I don’t know, sounds like she is telling the truth (at least her truthy) and she has been saying the same stuff for a long time.
    To “not say something nice,” is to lie. I mean, we could say NICe things about Hitler (right after his death) so the “family could morn.”

    I mean, it seems the guy was “scandalous” to some degree. He apparently created some enemies, somehow.
    So…one wonders, why these potential motives would not be disucssed, openly.
    He (and MAYBE his family) were “no angels.” This was not random.

  10. I’ve never heard of this “All My Children” woman, but she’s not Miss Sunnybrook Farms herself with trash talking a deceased person. She should be ashamed of herself.

    This man’s mother just lost her only son. Have some respect.
    It doesn’t matter what legal problems they had. He was brutally murdered.

  11. a man, father, son, brother… just lost his life and you’re using this opportunity to personally attacked his mother and his family on their past. How about you put the old saying to use, “if you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.” how about allowing the family to mourn, and not using this to peak or spike your ratings or name in the news.

  12. Best to make your life simple with Jesus, golf, and sunshine and enjoy the riches all around us that the Lord gave us. However is you insist you can run against the grain and be miserable all your life.

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