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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will make a musical sandwich with Paul McCartney tomorrow night at the 12-12-12 Concert at Madison Square Garden. The scrumptious filling will be composed of the Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and several more star acts. The show begins at 7:30 pm, streamed on dozens of websites and broadcast everywhere on TV. It’s also being shown in movie theaters. Check www.121212.concert.org for all the details. Organizers say that between ticket sales at the Garden (very expensive) and sponsorships they’ve got $30 million in hand. Devastated areas in New York and New Jersey really need it as people are suffering without their homes or possessions. PS I’d bet good money now that the closing song is “Hey Jude.” The opener? I’m still waiting for Bruce to do “Sandy (Fourth of July).” Tickets are still available, in short supply and high prices, at StubHub.

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  1. I moved to Long Island 13 years ago coming from Brooklyn never been so close to a disaster in my life what devastion, fear and life will never be the same for all of us including those who were spared. saying lots of prayers and love to those who were not .

  2. ‘REAL’ American Springsteen is remaining
    —————UTTERLY SILENT————–
    on not only the RED China handover –and the
    horrific labor and wage conditions in that
    Globalist diddled to death land
    —-BUT ALSO!
    —not a word of protest about the still bio accumulating
    —–yet to ‘kick off— GE Fukishima cesium plume
    blanketing North America…

  3. I was raised in N.J. and spent every summer at the jersey shore…
    Seaside Park when I was younger then LongBeach Island till I moved
    to Massachusetts with my wife and son…
    Until Sandy I had nothing but pleasurable memories!!!!! My heart was
    ripped apart when I saw pictures of Seaside Heights and the entire sea
    landscape……. This is a tragedy and our friends need our help!!!!

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