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The big auction of Michael Jackson costumes and memorabilia on Sunday took in over $5 million–way, way more than expected according to Julien’s Auction house in Beverly Hills. And who spent the most? Why, Lady Gaga. She sent an emissary who bought up 55 items totaling around a million bucks, I am told. She Tweeted from South Africa afterwards to her 31 million followers: “The 55 pieces I collected today will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide.”

Well, well. Some crazed Michael Jackson fans were concerned that some of the autographs in the auction weren’t geniune. But everything was on the up and up. The pieces belonged to Jackson’s costume designers, who keep the money after giving a cut to Julien’s, to the Jackson estate, and to two charities. Still, it’s a good haul. And it’s the last one unless someone knows something else. “It’s the last big collection of Michael Jackson costumes,” said a source from Julien’s. And good for Lady Gaga aka Stephanie Germanotta.


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  1. Commotion in the MJ fan community (NOT “crazed Michael Jackson fans”)was caused by a “standee” of MJ dressed in BAD era costume which was manufactured in 2010 and supposedly autographed to Michael Bush by MJ. Successful bidder paid over $2,000 for this item with a $35 price tag. The fans would like an explanation as to authenticity of the signature of MJ on this and some other items.

  2. Great news. Michaels costumes and memorabilia in the hands of a great artist and someone who truly admired him. Bella Stephanie! MMH

  3. It’s not so strange, it’s money. Yes, a percentage goes to charity and all. But it also means publicity for his book on Michaels costumes. He’s been crying in interviews talking about Michael. All for the money. It’s as simple as that. I’m glad Lady GaGa bought the items, though I also think the estate should have bought them back.

  4. The only problem is Michael Jackson gave many of those things to his designers for safekeeping, because he wanted them to go to a museum. Why Michael Bush is now selling them (his partner sadly is deceased) is beyond many of us. If Lady Gaga exhibits her purchases publicly instead of simply locking them up, she’ll be loved for it and she’ll follow MJ’s intentions.

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