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What do you do when your father has a stroke? In the Jackson family, you call the gossip site you’re most connected to. There’s a “report” that Joseph Jackson, the, uh, patriarch of the Jackson family-Michael and Janet’s father, etc– has had a stroke in Las Vegas. How do we know? Why, a gossip item popped up in x17online.com. This is the site that Randy Jackson uses when he wants to get a story out. He used them last summer during the so called kidnapping of his mother Katherine. Now x17 is not only reporting that Joseph has had a stroke but reiterating a falsehood from last summer, that Katherine Jackson had had a mini stroke. We’ll see what develops. Despite Joseph Jackson’s spectacularly despicable behavior in almost any situation, we wish him well if he’s ill and a speedy recovery. I am told he was accompanied to the hospital by his pal, Majestyk the Magician. (No kidding, really.) Calls to his eldest daughter Rebbie are difficult because I am also told her landline has been shut off.

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  1. Jojo, you are right. But the basis for Michael’s success was in no way entirely Joe’s abuse. Michael was born with both charisma (you can’t learn that), unfailing sense of music and rhythm, which his mother told us was evident in him already when he was a baby, and a gift for dance and composing. That may well have surfaced also with a happy Michael who wasn’t beaten as a child and who could still have attended that first competition in school in Indiana, just because he liked to sing. The urge and drive to make music and perform also appear in children who are not scared to death. Maybe the drive would have been a bit weaker, we don’t know that, probably he would not have had as much plastic surgery, if any, but perhaps still the vitiligo.

    But in the end, we don’t know. He came from a strange family, and I think they were blown away when his kids – not brought up by Joe – had the guts to challenge them and speak up during the “kidnapping drama” last summer. Maybe Paris, Prince and Blanket will open a new page in the history of the Jacksons.

    It feels a bit odd to imagine him under other circumstances. But in his heart of hearts he would likely have been the same, but some things would maybe have turned out differently – perhaps less sleeplessness, perhaps no propofol. .

  2. Betty, I think you may mistake success for happiness. Michael Jackson was a damaged person. A beautiful person, but very, very damaged. It’s not for nothing that he told Oprah that he sometimes had to throw up merely by seeing his dad. If that’s discipline…. I would rather have a little less success and be a bit happier. If the J5 would never have exicsted and Michael wouldn’t have made his music, we would have lost out on a major cultural and iconic influence. But I’m pretty sure that none of us would have survived (yes, I use that word) for so long, if we would have had to live and endure the live Michael had. No wealth in the world is worth that suffering.

  3. Betty: Let us also remember that if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson, none of the Jacksons would have gotten out of Gary, Indiana. He brought them all out on his tiny shoulders as a kid.

  4. I bet many of us we had a father that had enough “so called dispicable behavior” to make our family this wealthy and the biggest entertainers in the world….Let’s not forget if it were not for Mr. Joseph Jackson there would not have been a Jackson 5 or a Michael Jackson let alone Janet Jackson…In my personal opinion, we do not know anything about the obstacles Mr. Jackson faced in this country with its’ history of racial repression and hateful bigotry. Imagine what he went through, when the President who’s bi-racial suffered such hatred with death threats, name calling, lynching of chairs..need I say more. Just sayin..my opinion

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