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Rumors are swirling, but here’s the latest– Quentin Tarantino’s latest epic, “Django Unchained,” is said to be ready for screening this weekend in New York. Of course, it has to be if the various voting groups like the New York Film Critics Circle and the Screen Actors Guild–are going to see it in time. Then, of course, there are the Hollywood Foreign Press and the National Board of Review.

But Sunday will already be December 2nd, and the clock is ticking down. I’m told the final sound mix was conducted yesterday and on into today. Then Tarantino will carry a “wet print”–with much drama — to his waiting fans.

Is it true “Django” clocks in at three-and-a-half-hours? Holy moley, we’ll have to wait and see. In the past when his films were incredibly long–like “Kill Bill”–Harvey Weinstein broke it in half and issued 2 parts. Sources say “Django” is a mind-blower, and an epic. What a way to end the year, right?

“Django” is the first movie Tarantino has made without his longtime editor Sally Menke. She died in 2010 while hiking during a horrendous Los Angeles heatwave. Menke has been succeeded by Fred Raskin, her second in command on the “Kill Bill” movies. I’m told he did a great job.

Also being praised: Don Johnson, who took over his role after Kevin Costner dropped out. Tarantino likes to bring back all the crazy bad boys from eras past. This time around he also has Michael Parks, Bruce Dern and Robert Carradine.


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