Home Celebrity Vampire Weekend: Final “Twilight” Makes $141 Mil Opening 3 Days

“Twilight: Breaking Wind, Part 2” took in $141 million, plus it has another $200 million abroad, for stupendous opening, breaking wind, dawn, and other records for vampires who can’t act in a campy trilogy-plus-one. Congratulations, world. In five years, these things will be remaindered to the dustbin of time, like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and half a dozen other Pet Rocks of the moment. (Remember when you were buying Paris Hilton’s jewelry on amazon?) Look for Taylor Lautner’s face on a Pez dispenser, and Robert Pattinson enjoying class reunions at the Night of 100 Stars with Luke Perry. Until then, Stephanie Meyers is getting the last laugh, and the LionsGate-Summit coffers- or is it coffins–are filling up exponentially. It’s all good. Just sayin. But…not so much.

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  1. You forgot about Kristen Stewart,or rather you”ll not tell anything bad about your favourite cheater?lol Maybe you shoud show a little respect to the audience,or maybe you know that audience it’s in 99% of female and you have a problem with that.Robert will filming 6 movies in the next year including The Rover directed by David Michod.You liked Animal Kingdom,right?So,maybe you’ll see his next movie with Pattinson and you”ll be able to write a fair review.

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