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Aerosmith is back and better than ever. Their album, “Music from Another Dimension,” sold 70,000 copies last week in its debut. That’s about right for veteran groups and acts. This week it should do a little better than half that. But album sales are no longer the measure of success for acts of that age–it’s all about concert tickets. Aerosmith has pretty much sold out Madison Square Garden for Tuesday night. Stubhub.com has around 900 tickets in circulation, which is a small fraction of the MSG total.

But Aerosmith’s former manager, Tim Collins, now lost to time, keeps spitting in the wind at Steven Tyler and co. This week he planted (through a friend of his–a and I can guess who it is) a nasty item in Page Six claiming the group is no longer speaking to each other, and they’re angry about the album and ticket sales. Hogwash, says a source. “They’re doing great and making lots of money.” This, of course, must anger Collins, who hasn’t worked with the group since George Bush was president– and I mean Bush 41, not 43.

Meantime, Sony would do well to give a real push to “What Could Have Been Love” from the new album. That’s a hit single all right, and one that should be pouring out of every AM radio in the land.

PS The Stones and The Who are touring. But FYI Aerosmith is still the only group with its original members intact. All others, dream on!

What Could Have Been Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7lCZ0rpH3o

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  1. 70 million is fair. However I have been asking for promotion kits and media kits. No reply from Sony or AF1.. I am not happy as I play loads of classic Aerosmith and it would be a no brainer to hook up your audience. Very disappointed in the big Aerosmith promo team.

  2. B.S. sour grapes. Aerosmith is hotter than ever. Tim Collins must have a lot of extra time on his hands to be throwing around this trash. That is way the band threw his poison out from around the band, Tim really needs to go to one of the zillion rehabs. he put the band in. Sad bitter man. Karma.

  3. Being that this co dependent evil prick made over 90 million dollars off of this act how he can say anything at all… just another bitter old queen…

  4. The Band is notoriously cheap,

    Tyler being the worst of them all.

    All the people who have worked for Tyler have talked about what a cheap p…. he is.

  5. Sorry, but Aerosmith hasn’t made a record of merit since Rocks in 1976, and that includes all their hit albums in the 1980s and ’90s. Selling 70k copies of the new album (on a major label) is horrible, even in this day and age…Aerosmith is done, washed up, yesterday’s news, and the sooner they decide to call it a day, the better off we’ll all be…

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