Home Movies Steve Buscemi’s Production Company Filming Doc About Breezy Point Disaster

Exclusive: Details are still a little sketchy, but I’m told that award winning actor Steve Buscemi– of “Boardwalk Empire” fame– is filming a documentary about the Hurricane Sandy disaster in Breezy Point. About 111 homes were burned to the ground in Breezy Point during the Hurricane, wiping out an entire community. Buscemi’s Olive Production Company, in which he’s partnered with Stanley Tucci, is already on the case. Buscemi, a former firefighter, is particularly interested in getting this story out. Documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus is said to be involved as well. Olive’s Wrenn Arthur has been out in Breezy Point with a camera crew for several days trying to chronicle the devastation. No word yet on what the film will be or who will show it, but HBO and Sheila Nevins is the likely scenario. It’s not clear yet whether the film would also include footage from the Jersey Shore or Atlantic City, where “Boardwalk Empire” is set. Updates coming…

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