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Twenty years after Woody Allen and Mia Farrow notoriously broke up, there is a sad irony today. Mia’s brother John Farrow has been arrested and is being on $800,000 bail. Authorities in Arundel County, Maryland say two boys who are now adults have come forward to accuse Farrow for child sex abuse from 2000-2008. The police say there are more, and are actively looking for other victims. John Charles Villier-Farrow is a 66 year old yacht salesman.

The story brings a peculiar irony. In 2002, Mia accused Woody Allen, her former boyfriend, of molesting their adopted daughter. She demanded supervision for all of Woody’s visits with that child and with the biological child they shared. Eventually she turned all of her kids against Woody, and he hasn’t seen them in nearly two decades.

Of course, Allen was innocent. He had done nothing wrong. Farrow had needlessly put him through the ordeal of being investigated by a team of doctors from Yale New Haven Hospital. But Farrow marshaled her troops against Woody. including her brother John, who spoke out against Allen at the time. Farrow could not get over the hurt of Allen running off with her adopted of-age daughter, Soon Yi Previn. But Allen and Soon-Yi have remained together all this time, and have two adorable daughters.

Meantime, Mia–who was determined to destroy Woody–had an alleged pedophile right under her very nose. And of course Mia has had a peculiar history herself: she was 21 when she married Frank Sinatra, who was twice her age. And her most famous movie was “Rosemary’s Baby,” directed by Roman Polanski.


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  1. Roger, don’t be ridiculous! To say that Woody Allen did “nothing wrong” is nothing short of ridiculous.

    That girl was living with her mother, in her house and he was her boyfriend. He crossed the line, and then he did the only thing he could do — marry her.

    This isn’t some great love story or something to be applauded. Woody Allen, in spite of the fact that he’s still married to Soon-Yi, still behaved inappropriately.


  2. A 50 something year-old man who takes up with the sister of his child when she has barely turned eighteen has done nothing wrong? It’s crazy to believe he might have started before she turned 18? Even if he did nothing legally wrong, damn near everyone would agree that it is a despicable act to date the teenage daughter of the mother of your child. If this was some guy in a trailer park and not a New York director, you’d call him the scum of the earth.

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