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Director Martin Scorsese turns 70 on Saturday, which seems impossible to us and must feel the same way to him. What a career–and he’s busy filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” right now with Leonardo DiCaprio. Scorsese means lots of things to lots of cinephiles, from “Taxi Driver” and “Are you talkin’ to me?” to  Juliette Lewis sucking Robert DeNiro’s thumb in “Cape Fear” to Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn bringing Howard Hughes home to meet the folks in “The Aviator.” And let’s not forget the lost masterpiece of “New York, New York,” with its 11 minute musical number, “Happy Endings.” Or Sandra Bernhard coming on to Jerry Lewis’s Rupert Pupkin in “King of Comedy.”

One of my personal favorite scenes: Marty’s mom Catherine playing Joe Pesci’s mom in “GoodFellas,” and the meal that’s served at 3 am in her kitchen while a body is stuffed in the trunk of a car. And then of course there’s “After Hours,” a movie that perfectly summed up what life in Soho was like back in 1979 before big money turned it into a shopping mall.

What are your personal faves? Send ’em in, and we’ll forward them to Scorsese. Happy Birthday, Marty, and thanks for so many great films. Looking forward to many, many more!


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  1. Actually my favourite of Martin Scorsese’s many great films is Michael Jackson’s “Bad” short film. Still watching after 25 years! Love it!

  2. My favourite scene in a Scorsese film is in The Color of Money, where Eddie (Paul Newman), Vincent (Tom Cruise) and Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) are checking the talent in a pool hall, and Eddie says:

    Eddie Felson : Do you smell that?

    Vincent : What, smoke?

    Carmen: No, Money…

    A great director, a great cast and a great companion piece to The Hustler.

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