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Rupert Murdoch has been Tweeting away since Election Day. But so far he has said not one word about the election, Obama, or Romney. How incredibly curious. What has he been interested in? Petraeus, the economy and immigration. Murdoch now thinks there should be sweeping immigration laws to allow existing “law abding” Hispanics to remain in the U.S. He’s obviously read the stats on who voted for Obama and who didn’t vote for Romney and wants them as subscribers to The Daily. He’s also having a lot of fun with the BBC scandal. I’ve told you before: Murdoch is restraining himself from saying anything against Obama, not with the phone hacking scandal still hanging over his head. He must be going crazy.

Here are the Tweets:

Rupert Murdoch @rupertmurdoch

BBC mess gives Cameron great opportunity to reshape and improve. And listen to non LibDem cabinet colleagues.

BBC mess gives Cameron golden opportunity properly reorganize great public broadcaster. Fast inquiry to Include both critics and supporters.

Benghazi hearings next week without two principals – Hillary and Petraeus. Hillary deserves break, but next week in Australia?

Petraeus tragedy. Probably greatest general since Patton, or even earlier.

Now BBC will probably split editor-in- chief and Director General jobs.Would be much better. Guess FT Hislop real sleeper candidate.

2012-2016 changes. Iran gets bomb, china begins major reforms, US crash as bond market revolts, N Africa explodes, etc. What next?

Right! Newsnight did not specifically give name. Left to twitter.

Editor- in- chief apologises and pleads total ignorance. Press having field day! What are editors for?

BBC getting into deeper mess. After Savile scandal, now prominent news program falsely names senior pol as paedophile.

Petraeus affair has not been a secret for months. Must be more to story.

Petraeus will deny any mystery. Still certain was induced to prevent embarrassing evidence at next weeks’s hearings. not idle speculation

Petraeus resignation. Timing, everything suspicious. There has to be more to this story.

Hillary to spend most of next week in Australia, while O hides Iran attack on drone until after election. What next?

Election comment. Republicans have to ignore 5 per cent nativists, embrace hispanics, welcome best Asian and European graduates.

Must have sweeping, generous immigration reform,make existing law- abiding Hispanics welcome. Most are hard working family people.

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