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It’s been a long time since a record label or sponsor spent money on anything. But Rihanna is getting the old time 1980s type money to launch her newest album, called “Unapologetic.” A bunch of sponsors including HTC and Microsoft have been lined up to put Rihanna, some fans, and “over 150 press from 82 countries” on a Boeing 777.  This Magical Mystery Tour will include seven shows in seven days in seven countries. The tour stops are November 14- Mexico City; November 15-Toronto; November 16-Stockholm; November 17-Paris; November 18-Berlin; November 19-London; November 20-New York. After that, you’re on your own. No word on whether Chris Brown will come along for the ride, or whether Rihanna will actually speak to anyone on the plane. It sounds like a set up for
LOST, the Celebrity Edition. Anyway, this will cost a bundle.



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